Where in the World is 12?

I’ve just had a week off and am struggling to get back into the swing of things.

Don’t feel too jealous – I’ve been in bed with what could have been the hog-wog /swine flu or just the regular flu, who knows. We don’t test for it if you’re healthy otherwise, apparently!

I cured myself by eating plenty of bacon sandwiches and am almost back to my old self again, so no doubt will be causing havoc again soon.



6 Responses to “Where in the World is 12?”

  1. mark Says:

    Congrats on getting over the Hamthrax! Rip some shit up this weekend.

  2. Little Miss Moi Says:

    ohh get better! They say to fight fire with fire, so I guess that’s why you’re eating bacon sandwiches?

  3. Frank Says:

    Ah yes, bacon cures all the evils of the world.

  4. EGE Says:

    Gosh, I hadn’t realized how long it’d been since I stopped by! I, too, eat my way out of a hangover. I, too hate fat-holder-inner undies. I, too, like bacon sandwiches (even if I didn’t too have swine flu — glad you’re better!).

    I’m putting you on my blogroll so I don’t forget again. Don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.

  5. Thymers Says:

    Hope your feeling better.

  6. 12ontheinside Says:

    mark: Hamthrax! Damn, I thought of all these other things to call it and didn’t use that one.
    LMM & Frank: Absolutely!
    EGE: I like to think we’re the normal ones. Even though I know that’s not true.
    Thymers: Yep, thanks. Stay up in the tropics, it is diseased down here!

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