Lucky Coins

On Saturday I melted this 5c piece to the ice that was forming on the taps at The Local.


By Sunday it had a thick glassy sheen of ice over it (and its two friends that I had also added after taking the photo). I suppose it is wrong that this was what I was most proud of myself for over the weekend.

Last night (early this morning?) I woke sobbing after having a terrible dream. The Boyfriend found it very hard to understand why I was so cranky with him. After all, I suppose it was all only in my dream that we went on a road trip to meet up with his other girlfriend and he couldn’t understand why I was so upset. (That’s the short version – in reality it was a very long and complicated story and involved a vast array of characters.) Odd how dreams can seem SOOO real! I blame the Steak, Mushroom, Guinness and Oyster Pie I made for dinner. (Or perhaps I just wanted to show off about they yummy dinner I made last night.)


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5 Responses to “Lucky Coins”

  1. WT Says:

    Very impressive, and the food sounds ok too.

  2. Frank Says:

    I’ve been pissed for entire days based on bad dreams. I dreamed once that my brother wrecked my car…I was kind of a jerk to him for a long time after based solely on that dream.

  3. travelling but not in love Says:

    So you didn’t try to lick the taps and get your tongue stuck? I’m disappointed in you…

  4. Pamela Says:

    I dreamed I was late for my 10 am apointment, and it made me wake up at 4, 5, and finally I gave up and crawled out of bed shortly after 6

  5. Bobbie Leigh Says:

    I take my bad dreams on MHP all the time. It’s kinda fun.

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