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Keep your Eyes on the Pies

August 23, 2010

Big news has been on the horizon here for a while, and it’s finally come to pass. Yes, I have hot water again! 5 weeks after it blew up! 5 weeks of winter weather after it blew up, to be more specific. I had the longest most satisfying hot shower ever after the plumber left my place on Friday. Now that spring is just around the corner, I have the hot water again. No wonder I had a cough that sounded like a seal barking for so long. This old abused body is used to the creature comforts, thankyouverymuch

The best winter food I have found to beat the winter chills has been my new party pie maker. I have had a pie maker for years. Until The Boyfriend cleaned it for me the other week, snapping the clip that holds it shut and rendering it useless forever. The new ones that make standard size pies have a much shallower mould than my old one, so I didn’t really fancy replacing it with something I wasn’t a fan of. Then I spied the party pie maker.

Yum yum, these are a snap to make, and now every day feels like a party! OK, that might be a little over the top but who doesn’t love a pie! Plus it makes quiches and other bits and pieces as well. (No, I’m not being paid by Breville to say this.)

There were 2 flavours on offer in this selection – chicken, leek and mushroom or beef and tomato. Delicious. Hot. Which apparently steams up the lens on the phone-camera.I might try this method next time someone takes a photo of me – a sort of tasty soft focus trick.


Bits and Pieces

July 12, 2010

Ah yes, ye olde blog, I have neglected you. I blame the fact that it’s been a busy couple of weeks that have really kicked my ass.

A funeral – for a friend who decided to take their own life. Such a sad event – and saddest of all for his young son, barely 1 year old.

A birth – a girlfriend’s first baby. I was relieved when visiting her to see she had a good looking baby. Sometimes they seem to come out looking like little old men, or monkeys. Fortunately I was able to honestly say her son was a gorgeous little thing.

In hot water – or not, as my hot water heater is on the verge of exploding, if the the hot water leaking from underneath the tank is any clue. I really must get a plumber out to have a look. I suspect a new one is in the near future.

Railing at the cost – of new balustrades for the balcony project. I’m horrified to find the iron lace panels etc look like they are going to set me back around $15,000. Yikes. That’s JUST for the lacework ballustrade, corners and frieze.

Soccer World Cup is over – and so it means the end for my latest favourite joke. Where you mention casually in conversation that someone told you how annoying you were. When asked why, you say “I dunno, but I nearly choked on my vuvuzela!”


April 27, 2010

An extra long weekend is just over (I had Friday off work and Monday was a public holiday for ANZAC Day here), and it’s one that has taught me some valuable lessons.

I went to a 40th birthday party on Saturday evening. The hosts of the party had a bit of a problem – their fridge stopped working the morning of the party. As the venue was only 3 blocks from my house, I offered to stash the leftovers after dinner at my house, and bring them back the next day for any stragglers to have for lunch. An excellent idea, no?

The not so excellent idea, was to give the girlfriend who’d brought the food over a quick tour of the renovations I’ve been suffering through for the last few weeks. Clearly a few sheets under the wind, I opened up the door to the upstairs room, totally forgot there was no floorboards down, and stepped right out onto the ceiling of the room below. Whoops, add one more job to the growing list – repair the ceiling.

Don’t try this one at home, kids – I was VERY lucky I wasn’t hurt – if I’d fallen right through I definitely would have been. As it is, I just made a bit of a crack, about the size of my foot, which I am hoping can be patched without replacing any of the ceiling.  It could so easily have gone the other way.

You heard it here first – don’t drink and give house tours.

Add New Post

April 12, 2010

As I clicked on “Add New Post” it seemed very appropriate, given that the weekend has been full of adding new posts. New balcony posts, that is.

This is what the room that the balcony wraps around used to look like. Yes, I had almost finished renovating it – most of the painting was done, new fireplace, hearth tiles, skirting boards, windows all stripped back and repaired.

That orb in the photo? It might be a ghost. Or dust. You pick.

This is what it is looking like now. Oh, bugger.

All of the rotted joists were cut off at the house. They were still fine underneath the floorboards inside, so it’s only the actual outside parts that had rotted. Gee, from that beam in the far left on the corner of the house I just can’t imagine why this was apparently just a tad unsafe.

About 12 of the new beams are in, though not fastened yet inside, under the floor. Here’s some on one side of the house. Pretty, pretty beams. Also? I’m so please to see some progress finally, after weeks of destruction!

I’ll be beaming when this is all over!

Swinging from the Rafters

March 31, 2010

Of course I didn’t take a “Before” photo. I’d have one, somewhere, showing what the house looked like with a balcony. (Ah, those were the days!) If I’d known that while I was out shopping my tradie mates and The Boyfriend were going to set the house on fire well I definitely would have taken another one, just to be sure.

Anyway, use your imagination – it used to have a big balcony overhanging the footpath. Here’s what The Money Pit is looking like today. All those support beams, the ones that used to have a balcony on them? Yeah, they all have to go. The whole front of the house upstairs needs the floor lifted up in order to do this. (Bye bye, original gorgeous wide floorboards, hello crap covered with carpet!)

I’ve been focussed on the inside of the house up until this point, when  my very sporadic renovation bug kicked in that is. I guess this is the universe’s way of telling me to get my butt in gear and get some of the outside done!

I’m listening, universe! No more! In fact, I think I might get a brick cleaner in to strip off any flaking paint so I can get the place painted as well. I don’t want to go overboard, but some new door frames and doors wouldn’t go astray either. Then… hang on, I’ll get my list. (List is LONG!)

Late Last Night, When We Were All In Bed

March 22, 2010

This morning I strolled into work. Well ok, let’s be more realistic here. I dragged myself into work, eyes hanging out of my head and more than likely dried drool down my shirt from where I’d fallen asleep on the train. The conversation was, as it is most Monday mornings, about what people had been up to over the weekend.

I patiently listened to a few stories before casually throwing my news out there. “Oh, didn’t get up to much. House caught on fire on Saturday, you know, the usual…”

Yes, that’s right. My tradie mates who were doing some renovation work for me (replacing some dodgy wood on my upstairs balcony, redecking, pulling down old railings so I could put nice lace railing up) used a grinder on the railings before deciding to go and get more supplies. Only to find out when they got back that a spark had gotten into the wood, smouldered for a while and caught my balcony on fire. Of course, the part that caught on fire was around a main load bearing support beam that goes in under the floor of upstairs. I guess I am now replacing a little more than I originally hoped for. This job just got more expensive.

I paid the neighbour who called the fire brigade in true Aussie currency – delivered a case of beer to his house along with my everlasting gratitude. The firemen said if it had gone another 5 minutes it would have been much worse, as the fire would have spread under the floor very quickly.

So on Saturday there were 2 fire engines and 20 firemen running around my house. Damn, and I wasn’t even home to get photos.