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21 weeks

January 6, 2011

Golly has it been so long!

The Baby is 21 weeks now and that is well over the half way mark. Last night as I sat in my once tidy lounge room, at risk any moment of being crushed by falling piles of baby stuff, I realised I only had a couple of months to finish getting things ready for him. (Yes, for him! It’s a blue flavoured baby!)

This is a problem since upstairs is not yet complete, in fact I suspect my builder skipped town a few weeks ago after he put both legs through the loungeroom ceiling from the room above. It’s great for air flow but I wish he’d answer his damn phone and come and fix it already!

In the greater scheme of things however, this is nothing to worry about. I’m healthy, happy, and getting rounder by the day. 2011 is going to be an interesting year!


Weighing the Options

October 20, 2010

Yesterday, on a crowded train to the city, a lady gave up her seat for me, while eyeing my belly, and murmuring to me “You sit down, dear”. Not before giving the stinkeye to the man next to her, and muttering something to him that sounded a little like “you disgusting pig of a man with no respect”.

I took the seat, and said thanks. However I’m not ‘showing’ yet, so am now confused between my two obvious options. I either never wear THAT outfit again, or I make sure I wear that outfit any day I am feeling a bit lazy and feel like sitting down all the way to work.

I made an error in judgement earlier today. Pre-natal vitamins¬† generally have lots of iron in them. That can be rather… er… clogging to one’s system. So I bought a large bag of dried fruit and a small one of prunes, mixed them up in a jar, and thought I could have a small handful of dried fruit each day to see if that helped. Dried fruit tastes pretty good, and I am greedy. Bad move. Let’s just agree that I should spend the next few hours being very careful not to go near any exposed flames or I think I might explode.

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!

September 14, 2010

This little vegemite also wasn’t expecting to be given a referral to the obstetrics outpatients clinic this morning.

(If I was expecting it I at least would have covered that type of thing on my bloody expensive – and useless – private health care, under which I deliberately cut out services related to my current “condition” as a covered item because I’ll never need that!)

Unexpected does not necessarily mean unwelcome – just very, very unplanned!

Now excuse me while I go and stare, shocked look on my face, out the window for a good while longer.