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Weighing the Options

October 20, 2010

Yesterday, on a crowded train to the city, a lady gave up her seat for me, while eyeing my belly, and murmuring to me “You sit down, dear”. Not before giving the stinkeye to the man next to her, and muttering something to him that sounded a little like “you disgusting pig of a man with no respect”.

I took the seat, and said thanks. However I’m not ‘showing’ yet, so am now confused between my two obvious options. I either never wear THAT outfit again, or I make sure I wear that outfit any day I am feeling a bit lazy and feel like sitting down all the way to work.

I made an error in judgement earlier today. Pre-natal vitamins¬† generally have lots of iron in them. That can be rather… er… clogging to one’s system. So I bought a large bag of dried fruit and a small one of prunes, mixed them up in a jar, and thought I could have a small handful of dried fruit each day to see if that helped. Dried fruit tastes pretty good, and I am greedy. Bad move. Let’s just agree that I should spend the next few hours being very careful not to go near any exposed flames or I think I might explode.


Late Last Night, When We Were All In Bed

March 22, 2010

This morning I strolled into work. Well ok, let’s be more realistic here. I dragged myself into work, eyes hanging out of my head and more than likely dried drool down my shirt from where I’d fallen asleep on the train. The conversation was, as it is most Monday mornings, about what people had been up to over the weekend.

I patiently listened to a few stories before casually throwing my news out there. “Oh, didn’t get up to much. House caught on fire on Saturday, you know, the usual…”

Yes, that’s right. My tradie mates who were doing some renovation work for me (replacing some dodgy wood on my upstairs balcony, redecking, pulling down old railings so I could put nice lace railing up) used a grinder on the railings before deciding to go and get more supplies. Only to find out when they got back that a spark had gotten into the wood, smouldered for a while and caught my balcony on fire. Of course, the part that caught on fire was around a main load bearing support beam that goes in under the floor of upstairs. I guess I am now replacing a little more than I originally hoped for. This job just got more expensive.

I paid the neighbour who called the fire brigade in true Aussie currency – delivered a case of beer to his house along with my everlasting gratitude. The firemen said if it had gone another 5 minutes it would have been much worse, as the fire would have spread under the floor very quickly.

So on Saturday there were 2 fire engines and 20 firemen running around my house. Damn, and I wasn’t even home to get photos.

When Animals Attack

February 16, 2010

While on the train this morning, a lady grabbed her folder full of work papers she’d been browsing through, and hit me over the head with it. I thanked her.

There was a good reason, and it started when I noticed a bee buzzing around the window near the person behind me. I am not a huge fan of being stung by bees, so I had been keeping an eye on the bee’s path. I idly wondered if I should wake the lady behind me to let her know there was a bee a centimetre away from her nose. I wish I had – maybe she would have scared it away. As it happens, karma got me back for not warning her by sending the bee over to me.

I was sitting in one of the rather awkward seats at the end of the carriage where 3 people are facing each other, knees knocking all the way. The bee started to dive bomb the 6 of us, and was getting difficult to avoid since we were already squashed in like bugs. At this point, I may have gotten a little shrieky.

The carriage full of weary commuters perked up and started to look interestedly over at the commotion. The tiny, demure looking lady opposite me shouted, “AAAAHHHH, it’s in your HAIR!” and whacked the bee, which was sitting on my head, with her folder. The bee disappeared from view and the interest in the carriage subsided. My pulse still racing, I grinned at the other folks in the facing chairs and said “Well, I’m awake now!”

It was too late, the moment was gone, and the unspoken rule of not talking to or making eye contact with anyone else on the train had come back into effect without me noticing, and my cohorts all shifted uncomfortably and pretended not to have heard me. As we pulled into my stop, the bee, by now really angry, climbed back up from the brink of death and started buzzing around their faces. I neatly sidestepped the action, and farewelled them with a cheery, “Enjoy the rest of your trip, ladies, I’m getting off this train!”

As I glanced inside the window on my way towards the station exit, all I could see were handbags and folders waving frantically through the air. I chuckled to myself, happy with my lucky escape, and headed off to work.

Lions and Tigers and Bears

February 1, 2010

OK, I didn’t see any lions. Or tigers. Or bears. I did see a few crocodiles and dingoes though. I spent the last week up in the Northern Territory, staying with my sailing friends.

The weather was far too hot and humid for me to cope with, however it was worth it to get to places like Katherine Gorge. I’ve wanted to get there ever since I was about 8.¬† We saw some amazing rock art and went swimming in our clothes (we stopped in at a croc-free swimming pool and hadn’t expected to be able to swim so didn’t have anything to swim in but what we were wearing).

The swimming was amazing at Litchfield National Park, at least until I tried to be a little too gung ho and ended up caught in a whirlpool before tumbling down a waterfall. A small waterfall, enough to bruise me lots but not too seriously. I can laugh now, but there were a few minutes of terror before The Boyfriend rescued me by sticking his leg out for me to grab on to.

Lots more to say about the whole week but it will have to wait – work calls.

I wonder if the people in this cafe got my subtle message about their food?

Whoops are Not Always Fun

November 11, 2009

I’ve been struggling this week with a nasty cold I just cannot shake. Finally after another sleepless night I went off to the doctor. The verdict? Whooping Cough. I have been vaccinated – apparently the immunity commonly runs out in your early 30’s, and there have been many cases this year due to more and more people not vaccinating children. So while I have been doing whooping of sorts, it hasn’t been the fun type.

A friend from work called me today to ask me “Whooping Cough? Why can’t you just get a cold, like NORMAL people!”

We all know the answer – because I am not normal.

Only yesterday the big boss at work said to me “Are you sick AGAIN!” I felt like I was in trouble for having a bad cough. It was a lousy thing to make me feel – after all, I am clearly not putting it on. I also think that if he hadn’t given me such a hard time when I caught the flu back in in May I might have taken enough time off to actually recover properly – I feel like I have been run down ever since, catching every single thing that floats by. So really, it is his fault.

I am infectious till Monday and how SAD – I cannot go to the office the rest of the week. Boo hoo.

N.B. I am actually not feeling too much like death so no need to panic – only when I get the coughing fits, which can have breaks of up to a couple of hours between them (but which can last a few hours too).

You Should See the Other Guy

October 20, 2009

Since Friday many people have asked me what I have done to my hand. My instant response is “You should see the other guy!”, followed by a sorry shake of the head and perhaps a little faux boxing action. Of course, reality is far different, but the true story as to why I am sporting a bandaged wrist is far more boring – I was on my way to work on Friday when a charming man in a business suit shoved me in his panic to get off the train, and I went flying. No, he did not stop to see if I was ok. Pig.

On my arrival at work, my simple request for an ice pack sent the first aid officer absolutely mental. I had some trouble understanding why I would need to be carried on a stretcher for a sore arm. Turns out they haven’t had a first aid incident since the new first aid room opened and they all got trained so it was an exciting day. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they sneaked in a few photos to put in the weekend papers. And so off to the doctor I was sent, with requests for x rays and reports, for this was a workers comp claim, having happened on the way to work.

If you ever hurt yourself, please let it be at work! I have never had such fuss made of me. The cynical amongst you would say that’s because it’s like free money for the medical practice, the insurance company probably pays more than medicare. I found it hard to believe that I had to beg the doctor to be allowed to come back to work today, Tuesday, several days after the incident, and now several work days behind! So I am back on light duties only. I didn’t bother explaining to the doctor that light duties would cover any day.

Luckily I’m Not a Horse

September 25, 2009

Schlepping my laptop and assorted paperwork between two offices has resulted in a rather painful shoulder of late, which seems to be slowly migrating to other areas of my back and neck. Honestly, you’d have taken me down the back paddock and shot me long ago if I were of the equine variety.

Yesterday it developed into somewhat of a competition between The Boyfriend and myself, each of us insisting that there was no way the other’s back could possibly ache as much as our own. Of course, we were each angling for a back massage. Or at least I was, and can only assume he was too with the way events unfolded.

When we crawled our old and weary bodies into bed, the haggling commenced. I suggested a best out of 3 match of paper scissors rock to determine who got first massage. I won! So I laid down to get my massage, assuring The Boyfriend I would happily return the favour when he was done. Gee it felt nice and relaxing.

Then I woke up this morning, feeling fresh and fantastic, muscles the least sore they had been in days, and wondering how long he’d massaged my back before realising I had fallen fast asleep.

Where in the World is 12?

July 9, 2009

I’ve just had a week off and am struggling to get back into the swing of things.

Don’t feel too jealous – I’ve been in bed with what could have been the hog-wog /swine flu or just the regular flu, who knows. We don’t test for it if you’re healthy otherwise, apparently!

I cured myself by eating plenty of bacon sandwiches and am almost back to my old self again, so no doubt will be causing havoc again soon.

Pig Out

June 5, 2009

I think I must have swine flu. Why? Because I ate like an absolute pig yesterday. Perhaps it’s related less to swine flu though and more to having stayed out too late the night before drinking beer and watching the State of Origin match at The Local.

I have a habit of eating my way out of a hangover, but I did outdo myself yesterday. I had the following:

  • Junior Whopper burger with cheese
  • Toast with cheese spread
  • Home made steak and mushroom pie
  • 1 Jam filled Krispy Kreme doughnut
  • 2 Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts. One of which I bought for another girl at work but found I ate it before I had a chance to give it to her.
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Garlic bread
  • Large-ish bowl of pasta

Yes, I know you all think I am a pig now, but there was no way I was leaving a post up about my poor underwear choices over the long weekend, was there!

I’m ‘armless

May 15, 2009

Yesterday I went to a specialist I had been referred to see about a lump on my arm, the size of a small pea, that had been bothering me for a few months.

I was expecting just an initial consult. I certainly wasn’t expecting to hear “That’s a tumour and we’d best take it out right now if you have time.” Even if they did follow that sentence up with “Don’t worry, it’s probably benign.”

I’m not sure if specialists have a dry sense of humour or none at all.

I am such a trouper that even having had half my arm cut off (well a small bit of it anyway) I was at work by 11. However today it hurts more than yesterday, and if anyone’s ever tried washing their hair without getting one arm wet they would know it is very difficult, involves a willing partner to pour water over your head for you, and is best not done when the morning is a chilly 5C (41F) and the bath is not terribly full, leading to violent shivering and a rather rushed affair.

I have no idea why it looks like my arm and desk glows in the dark, because it actually does not – I suspect my crackberry’s camera function is not quite cutting it – however this is the new look I am sporting.