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Meat Mayhem

September 10, 2010

The new local is clearly on a drive for new punters. Case in point: $2 steaks.

Well, $2 for the steak, $2 extra for the chips, actually, but a $4 steak and chips still sounds pretty good to me. The Boyfriend had a real splurge and went another $2 for salad. Wednesday nights may never be the same…


Keep your Eyes on the Pies

August 23, 2010

Big news has been on the horizon here for a while, and it’s finally come to pass. Yes, I have hot water again! 5 weeks after it blew up! 5 weeks of winter weather after it blew up, to be more specific. I had the longest most satisfying hot shower ever after the plumber left my place on Friday. Now that spring is just around the corner, I have the hot water again. No wonder I had a cough that sounded like a seal barking for so long. This old abused body is used to the creature comforts, thankyouverymuch

The best winter food I have found to beat the winter chills has been my new party pie maker. I have had a pie maker for years. Until The Boyfriend cleaned it for me the other week, snapping the clip that holds it shut and rendering it useless forever. The new ones that make standard size pies have a much shallower mould than my old one, so I didn’t really fancy replacing it with something I wasn’t a fan of. Then I spied the party pie maker.

Yum yum, these are a snap to make, and now every day feels like a party! OK, that might be a little over the top but who doesn’t love a pie! Plus it makes quiches and other bits and pieces as well. (No, I’m not being paid by Breville to say this.)

There were 2 flavours on offer in this selection – chicken, leek and mushroom or beef and tomato. Delicious. Hot. Which apparently steams up the lens on the phone-camera.I might try this method next time someone takes a photo of me – a sort of tasty soft focus trick.

Food by the Sea

July 23, 2010

When I wake up, and am still in that dreamy half sleep state, I often have marvellous conversations with The Boyfriend. Mostly about what I was just dreaming. I am assuming this is true, because of course I hardly remember any of these conversations. I only go by what I am told.

There are 2 specific things that I apparently talk about the most frequently when referring to my dreams. The first is the holiday house where I spent all my school holidays as a child, and still try to get to a couple of times a year even if just for a long weekend. Well of course I can understand I would dream about that place – it’s a magical, wonderful place. I plan to have my ashes scattered on the water there when the time for that little ceremony rolls around, it’s the most special place I have ever been. Speaking of scattering ashes on the water, I apparently dream of swimming all the time as well, but I kind of link that in with the holiday house – they are one and the same, in my mind. Not swimming in ashy water, to be clear, just swimming.

The second thing is food. I suppose that shouldn’t surprise me really either, I am greedy and love to eat. Luckily, I love to cook as well, although I don’t do as much of it as I really should as work really cuts into my leisure time. But hey, when that Lotto win comes through I will be happy to hang around the house and cook up a storm. (I could then pay someone to diet for me – that should work, right?) I didn’t realise I dream about food so much – although I suppose, the one dream I do recall from the past fortnight is the one where I was for some unknown reason carefully dipping sliced cucumber into melted chocolate. I guess that clears up the worry that I’m forgetting fantastic recipes that I dreamt up, eh.

I was surprised these were the dreams I ramble about the most. The dreams that I do remember are usually rather vivid and frightening, and involve mazes and races and running away from something/someone. The Boyfriend looked at me rather dryly and said that when I am not dreaming about cooking, and not dreaming about the holiday house, I apparently dream I am in a cooking contest at the holiday house, so I managed to get the “competition/race” part of that involved in there too. For a while I got a bit excited and thought I surely would be a natural shoe-in for next season of MasterChef. Then I realised that cucumber dipped in melted chocolate was probably not a MasterChef winnng combo.

*Edited to Add:

That’s a lie – I just realised there IS one other dream I remember from last week. It has nothing whatsoever to do with food or the holiday house, either. It does tell me that work is stressing me out JUST a tad though. I dreamt I was at a book launch, for a book I had written. It was a children’s book, and was beautifully illustrated much in the style of Beatrix Potter. I couldn’t quite remember what I had written in the book, so was flicking through it. It was a story about a little bunny rabbit who was having issues with her computer. Etc. Till the last page, when it ended with “Peter the rabbit smiled to himself, feeling pleased, for he didn’t have any issues with his computer – he used a PC, not a Mac.” I’m now convinced that I have either totally lost the plot, or thought up the idea that is going to make me my fortune.

Hot Stuff

June 25, 2010

This morning I had a lovely sleep in, as I was headed to the office that is only 1 suburb away rather than trekking into town. (Sidenote: The staff in that division must wonder why I am always so open to come out to their office to work. I tell them it’s because I care. Really, I just like sleeping in and getting home early.)

I made a cup of hot milo at 8:15am, just before I left for work. (Sidenote: And was at my desk by 8:25, suckers!) I put my milo in this travel mug.

At 11am, I finally finished that milo. That cup works so well I could hardly drink it for ages. This thing is magic – it keeps a drink hot for almost 3 hours!

Sad really that these are the highlights of my day.

Not Too Crummy

June 23, 2010

I don’t like stale bread. Toast? Fine. But really, you can’t beat a nice sanger for lunch, can you. I don’t think bread tastes the same after it’s been frozen. Given that I tend to do the grocery shopping once a week, that doesn’t leave much time for fresh bread to make sandwiches from.

Tidying the kitchen recently, I rediscovered my bread maker, which had been used all of about 6 times before being shoved to the back of the cupboard. I was pretty excited to buy some good quality bread flour and give it a go. I was less than pleased that the darn thing would knead the bread for a while, then stop. Oh, not in a quiet, fizz out of a way. No, more in a way that all the house plunged into darkness, all power lost, and trips out to the fuse box type of stop. I guess the silly thing is broken.

I haven’t let it beat me – how’s this for a first attempt – real bread, kneaded by hand, baked in a real oven rather than a fake bread maker! I’m pretty proud. Of course, I also have a funny feeling the ease of a bread making machine might make me buy another one soon, but in the meantime? I’ll be baking it.

Short Weekend

March 1, 2010

I don’t know who decided we should all have 2 days weekend to 5 days work. 2 just isn’t enough.

The Boyfriend and I went to see a band on Friday night – Thirsty Merc, at The Basement. Great night, if only they had not finished playing AFTER the last train home had left. A rather expensive cab ride home later, we managed to get ourselves into bed. We didn’t get out of bed again except to grab food until 4:30pm Saturday afternoon. Perhaps that’s why my weekend seemed so short. (Perhaps we might have gotten up earlier if we’d not had quite so many “lemonades”!) Actually being able to sleep in so long then laze around watching TV all day was fabulous, I should do it more often.

Sunday was uneventful – the house is now clean and the grocery shopping is done. We nipped out to the pub while a casserole slow cooked in the oven. I should have taken a photo before I threw it away – let’s just say I don’t think I’ll be believed next time I say “Nah, it’ll be FINE while we nip out to get a beer, it won’t burn at all!” Yep, it burned pretty well alright. I’m just so glad it didn’t catch fire.


February 19, 2010

I wasn’t feeling too crash hot yesterday. There is only one thing for that – the old remedy that Mum used to feed me with when I was sick as a kid. Vegemite on toast and flat lemonade.

I am constantly amazed when I read comments from people in other countries who do not understand the appeal of vegemite on toast. How can you not like it? Most Aussie kids are brought up on this stuff. I had vegemite and cheese sandwiches for almost every day I was at school. I love vege on toast with sliced ripe tomatoes on top – the vegemite acts like the salt that you might normally like on tomato. Mmm, yum.

When trying it I think most who are new to the experience spread too thickly. This is the perfect way to serve it (in my humble opinion):

Hungry Hungry Hippos

November 23, 2009

I loved that game as a kid. Must have driven my poor mum mad with the noise of it!

I decided to host a party next weekend. A Divorce Party, to celebrate the fact that my divorce is official after lots of time and money have been invested! (Remind me next time I think it would be a good idea to get married, to just find someone I don’t really like very much and just hand them a cheque for several hundred thousand dollars, it will save wasting time next time). Anyway, apparently a divorce party is not a very nice reason, it’s been turning a few heads. The caterer (for once, JUST ONCE, I want to spend an entire party having fun rather than cooking food, and have hired a mob to make spit roast lamb and pork) paused when he asked the reason for the party and I told him it was a Divorce Party, then said “Well, how about we just put Christmas Party on the booking form then, shall we?”

So the hippo alluded to playing the game was me earlier this evening. I bought some nibblies for the party this afternoon. Since then I have eaten some brie and bickies, smoked salmon and cream cheese on mini toasts, and some garlic chive cheese. I do believe it is important to do a proper taste test before a big event. I think we mught just call it that.


November 5, 2009

I bought some snacks the other day. The Boyfriend, on looking at the box, asked me what children I had bought them for. I thought they looked like delicious fruity goodness, all shiny and plastic like and perfect for work.

Does this opened example look like the picture on the box? NO! It looks nothing like it! This is a fruity relative of the shit cake from last week – Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Shit Poles!*

shit poles

* Should anyone reading have shit that looks like the above, please see your doctor.

Let Them Eat Cake

October 29, 2009

Yesterday The Boyfriend’s mum gave us a chocolate cake. I shit you not, the thing is the flattest cake I have ever seen. I am not sure how I managed to thank her and then wait to laugh until I was safely home. The funnier still part is that her next door neighbour cooked it and gave it to her.

I’m wondering if The Boyfriend’s mum’s neighbour was trying to say something by giving a complete fail-cake to her. I’m wondering why The Boyfriend’s mum would say in actions, if not words, “Thanks for taking our son off our hands, here, have a shit fail-cake because we don’t want it”. She gave me half a banana cake too, and then said in response to my thanks, “No worries, it’s dry and burnt on the bottom, by the way”. heh.

Check out the chocolate cake – it barely reaches the first joint on my index finger – and I have short stubby little fat sausage fingers. I’m thinking I might whip up a heap of cream and make it into some kind of swiss roll.


Almost the end of the week, which can come around any time now, and hurry. The end of the week means meat. We need to get through some more meat at our place. This was our haul from last Friday’s meat raffle at The Local – 4 meat trays full.


Roll on, weekend, I need you!