One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor

According to Ted’s Mum, nothing good ever happens after 2am. I beg to differ. Late last night I found myself drinking my friend’s invention of tequila and Red Bull. It sounds disgusting but tastes delicious! However, based on how chipper my household was this morning (not at all), I should really remember the next time I fnd myself drinking spirits that it is probably time to go home. Anyway, we were trying out a new local pub that’s just been renovated nearby – a few of us are tiring of The Local and some of the politics that go on there, so we’re thinking we might move en masse to this other pub. Good plan for me – it’s only a 2 block walk from my house as opposed to a 15 minute walk to the other one!

Just on 2:30 I found myself deep in conversation with one of my friends who is a total player. (He actually got chased by a guy with a golf club on our way to the pub last night after he stopped to lean in  girl’s car window, said “Nice car” and tried to chat her up. Her boyfriend wasn’t such a fan of this approach. I laughed my head off to see him running towards our taxi being chased by a lunatic wielding a golf club.) This friend not only tries to be a ladies man, but also is one of those typical Aussie sterotypes – a tough tradie (he’s the one helping me renovate my house) who shows no emotion, he’s far too tough.

I find it pretty funny that after several too many lemonades my tough friend can be very affectionate. In fact he once cracked 2 of my ribs giving an over enthusiastic hug. So it was not a complete surprise when he looked at me suddenly with a look of comple surprise and said “You know, I really love you. And I don’t even want to sleep with you! I’ve never had a platonic female friend, ever! It’s pretty cool.”

It is pretty cool.


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6 Responses to “One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor”

  1. Little Miss Moi Says:

    ha ha that’s very funny. You must be a good sort if you can make a typical aussie bloke love ya, but not like that!

  2. WT Says:

    Ok, if he actually said “I’ve never had a platonic female friend, ever! It’s pretty cool.” Then that intimates that he has had some male platonic friends, the corollary of which is that he is gay! hahahaha.

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      Ha ha ha. Actually when I saw him the other day he said “I didn’t do anything stupid the other night did I? Massive memory holes.” I said “Nah, you’re so lovely and affectionate when you’re pissed”. He said “Ah f*ck, so I did do something stupid!” hehehe.

  3. Pamela Says:

    WT saw something that I missed!! ha ha.

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