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Keep your Eyes on the Pies

August 23, 2010

Big news has been on the horizon here for a while, and it’s finally come to pass. Yes, I have hot water again! 5 weeks after it blew up! 5 weeks of winter weather after it blew up, to be more specific. I had the longest most satisfying hot shower ever after the plumber left my place on Friday. Now that spring is just around the corner, I have the hot water again. No wonder I had a cough that sounded like a seal barking for so long. This old abused body is used to the creature comforts, thankyouverymuch

The best winter food I have found to beat the winter chills has been my new party pie maker. I have had a pie maker for years. Until The Boyfriend cleaned it for me the other week, snapping the clip that holds it shut and rendering it useless forever. The new ones that make standard size pies have a much shallower mould than my old one, so I didn’t really fancy replacing it with something I wasn’t a fan of. Then I spied the party pie maker.

Yum yum, these are a snap to make, and now every day feels like a party! OK, that might be a little over the top but who doesn’t love a pie! Plus it makes quiches and other bits and pieces as well. (No, I’m not being paid by Breville to say this.)

There were 2 flavours on offer in this selection – chicken, leek and mushroom or beef and tomato. Delicious. Hot. Which apparently steams up the lens on the phone-camera.I might try this method next time someone takes a photo of me – a sort of tasty soft focus trick.


Got to Get Away

August 16, 2010

I couldn’t wait another second – I headed out of town on Thursday night for a spur of the moment spell at the holiday house. It was chilly, but sunny. We just spent the last 3 days lolling about reading books, playing board games, watching DVDs and eating.Mmm, even a fantastic baked dinner on Saturday night.

This place heals me – it is one of the very few places that just makes me instantly relax.

When we returned I even realised we’d brought home most of the junky snack food I’d thrown into a bag in a hurry on Thursday night and we’d eaten for the most part reasonably healthily. If you don’t count cheese as unhealthy. Dairy is good for you. It is too.

Today my muscles are telling me that rowing miles up the lake might not have been the smartest move. My bruises are telling me that falling in the lake after a few lemonades on Friday night serve me right and that water and alcohol do not mix. My mind is telling me that things just might be ok.

A Change is as Good as a Holiday

August 5, 2010

I have no idea who said that, but it sounds like a lie to me. Who in their right mind would say “Oh no, I don’t need a holiday – I’ll just change my job, or move, or any number of other frightful sounding options!” Nobody would say that, that’s who. They’d all say “I’ll take the holiday!” So I need a holiday.

Where to, though? The Boyfriend and I have been debating the merits of various destinations, for yesterday I decided – we need a holiday! Soon! At least 3 weeks worth! We shouldn’t waste any time in picking and booking, just in case an amazing job comes up for him. (He has an unusual work style. He blows any old job off if he decides he’s had enough. That’s why he’s had more jobs than I’ve had hot dinners. We think he’s decided what he wants to do though, finally, so we should go on holidays before he actually acts on that idea. Although really that gives me months, he’s not that keen – he’d probably prefer to win Lotto and not work. Wouldn’t we all, but some of us are more realistic than others!)

I quite like the idea of Turkey and Egypt. My mum always promised to take me to Egypt when I was a kid, as I was always fascinated by the pyramids and the ruins. Then she went without me, and told me that Turkey was just as good, if not even better, so perhaps that defines the itinerary. The Greek Islands are only close by, so that would round out a top holiday nicely. The Boyfriend’s done Egypt already though, and some of Greece, which kind of spoils the idea of going somewhere new! and exciting! together. This option doesn’t completely get ruled out yet though – there’s a difference, I keep telling him, between going and seeing every bar in a new city, to actually getting out there and seeing things – you can drink yourself silly at home, but you can’t pop over to check out the local ruins here, mostly because there are no ruins here.

Machu Pichu is another consideration. Apparently it’s all open again to tourists since those dreadful mudslides earlier in the year. I’m not exactly in top shape for a 4 day trek, but I think I could manage it. Neither of us has been, that’s a bonus. Another mudslide would really put a dampener on this option. Plus I really hate being dirty. I wonder how well I would cope with the reality of the idea.

I have seen some amazing deals for places close by (Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong) but they are much more common destinations – I don’t want to waste a big holiday really on just lying by a beach at Patong.

Any ideas? Somewhere surely must fit the bill – not too expensive, with enough to entertain for 2 to 3 weeks, somewhere amazing and different. I need to go and buy a world map, and populate it with pins for every place I’d like to visit. Might need more pins here.