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Food by the Sea

July 23, 2010

When I wake up, and am still in that dreamy half sleep state, I often have marvellous conversations with The Boyfriend. Mostly about what I was just dreaming. I am assuming this is true, because of course I hardly remember any of these conversations. I only go by what I am told.

There are 2 specific things that I apparently talk about the most frequently when referring to my dreams. The first is the holiday house where I spent all my school holidays as a child, and still try to get to a couple of times a year even if just for a long weekend. Well of course I can understand I would dream about that place – it’s a magical, wonderful place. I plan to have my ashes scattered on the water there when the time for that little ceremony rolls around, it’s the most special place I have ever been. Speaking of scattering ashes on the water, I apparently dream of swimming all the time as well, but I kind of link that in with the holiday house – they are one and the same, in my mind. Not swimming in ashy water, to be clear, just swimming.

The second thing is food. I suppose that shouldn’t surprise me really either, I am greedy and love to eat. Luckily, I love to cook as well, although I don’t do as much of it as I really should as work really cuts into my leisure time. But hey, when that Lotto win comes through I will be happy to hang around the house and cook up a storm. (I could then pay someone to diet for me – that should work, right?) I didn’t realise I dream about food so much – although I suppose, the one dream I do recall from the past fortnight is the one where I was for some unknown reason carefully dipping sliced cucumber into melted chocolate. I guess that clears up the worry that I’m forgetting fantastic recipes that I dreamt up, eh.

I was surprised these were the dreams I ramble about the most. The dreams that I do remember are usually rather vivid and frightening, and involve mazes and races and running away from something/someone. The Boyfriend looked at me rather dryly and said that when I am not dreaming about cooking, and not dreaming about the holiday house, I apparently dream I am in a cooking contest at the holiday house, so I managed to get the “competition/race” part of that involved in there too. For a while I got a bit excited and thought I surely would be a natural shoe-in for next season of MasterChef. Then I realised that cucumber dipped in melted chocolate was probably not a MasterChef winnng combo.

*Edited to Add:

That’s a lie – I just realised there IS one other dream I remember from last week. It has nothing whatsoever to do with food or the holiday house, either. It does tell me that work is stressing me out JUST a tad though. I dreamt I was at a book launch, for a book I had written. It was a children’s book, and was beautifully illustrated much in the style of Beatrix Potter. I couldn’t quite remember what I had written in the book, so was flicking through it. It was a story about a little bunny rabbit who was having issues with her computer. Etc. Till the last page, when it ended with “Peter the rabbit smiled to himself, feeling pleased, for he didn’t have any issues with his computer – he used a PC, not a Mac.” I’m now convinced that I have either totally lost the plot, or thought up the idea that is going to make me my fortune.


Things that go Poke in the Night

July 20, 2010

The other night as we lay in bed, I said to The Boyfriend “You know, sometimes I’m not sure if you’re still breathing at night. It’s normally reasonably easy to tell if you’re alive – the snorty noises give it away. Sometimes though, I wake up and you’re all quiet. So I poke you to see if you’ll make a noise, just to check if you’re still alive.”

The Boyfriend looked at me with absolute shock on his face. I thought he was horrified that I would be poking him in the ribs every other night. Gee, and I didn’t even tell him how HARD I do it sometimes, especially if he’s annoyed me that day! Nope, that was not the case. He replied with “That’s so weird, I do that to you too!”

I didn’t really believe him. Until last night, when I was sleeping lighter than usual all night as The Boyfriend had  very selfishly been coughing all night. Hey, I’d offered cough mixture, he wouldn’t take it because it was 9 years out of date. Bah. I was lying in a half sleep state, when I felt a very sharp finger in the rib cage. I leapt up, thinking he was sicker than I’d thought, and somewhat regretting my growl of an hour or two earlier that if he didn’t shut up I’d poison him. He said “Don’t worry honey, I was just checking you were still breathing”.

Bits and Pieces

July 12, 2010

Ah yes, ye olde blog, I have neglected you. I blame the fact that it’s been a busy couple of weeks that have really kicked my ass.

A funeral – for a friend who decided to take their own life. Such a sad event – and saddest of all for his young son, barely 1 year old.

A birth – a girlfriend’s first baby. I was relieved when visiting her to see she had a good looking baby. Sometimes they seem to come out looking like little old men, or monkeys. Fortunately I was able to honestly say her son was a gorgeous little thing.

In hot water – or not, as my hot water heater is on the verge of exploding, if the the hot water leaking from underneath the tank is any clue. I really must get a plumber out to have a look. I suspect a new one is in the near future.

Railing at the cost – of new balustrades for the balcony project. I’m horrified to find the iron lace panels etc look like they are going to set me back around $15,000. Yikes. That’s JUST for the lacework ballustrade, corners and frieze.

Soccer World Cup is over – and so it means the end for my latest favourite joke. Where you mention casually in conversation that someone told you how annoying you were. When asked why, you say “I dunno, but I nearly choked on my vuvuzela!”