Horsing Around

Last week sometime, I popped into The Local on my way home for my regular afternoon catch up on the way home from work. I was just heading off home when one of the locals said “Don’t go home yet, one of the managers is bringing in her new horse”. I was intrigued and made further enquiries, which is when I was told the manager was bringing in a horse she’d bought that afternoon, and it was currently travelling with her in her back seat. Given all this I can actually understand why the Publican laughed and said Sure when she called to say she’d just bought a horse, it was in her back seat, the pub was on the way home and could she bring it in to say hi. Clearly, he thought she was mad. As did I. I stuck around anyway – it’s not every day a staff member from The Local goes completely barmey. Then she arrived. With her new miniature horse.

That horse is full grown. As she strolled into the bar with it, the Publican’s eyes boggled out of his head. Several of the local drunks checked their beer glasses, and possibly decided that was enough for the evening. The horse was not as tall as the bar stools. Most hilarious thing I have seen at The Local all year.

Edited to add: Here’s his front view. He has a shaggy fringe so it’s a bit hard to see his face!


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4 Responses to “Horsing Around”

  1. Sashimi Says:

    Awwwww…so cute. Do you have a front view of the horse too? Want to catch his expression!

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      His face is pretty shaggy – he has a really long fringe (“bangs” for any North Americans). I added a photo at the end of the post that shows some of his face!

  2. Pamela Says:

    A woman I worked with a few years ago had several teeny horses. I was always pleasantly surprised when she brought them in.

  3. delightfuleccentric Says:

    Completely off topic – I LOVE what you’ve done to people’s faces! I might have to steal it…. 🙂

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