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April 27, 2010

An extra long weekend is just over (I had Friday off work and Monday was a public holiday for ANZAC Day here), and it’s one that has taught me some valuable lessons.

I went to a 40th birthday party on Saturday evening. The hosts of the party had a bit of a problem – their fridge stopped working the morning of the party. As the venue was only 3 blocks from my house, I offered to stash the leftovers after dinner at my house, and bring them back the next day for any stragglers to have for lunch. An excellent idea, no?

The not so excellent idea, was to give the girlfriend who’d brought the food over a quick tour of the renovations I’ve been suffering through for the last few weeks. Clearly a few sheets under the wind, I opened up the door to the upstairs room, totally forgot there was no floorboards down, and stepped right out onto the ceiling of the room below. Whoops, add one more job to the growing list – repair the ceiling.

Don’t try this one at home, kids – I was VERY lucky I wasn’t hurt – if I’d fallen right through I definitely would have been. As it is, I just made a bit of a crack, about the size of my foot, which I am hoping can be patched without replacing any of the ceiling.  It could so easily have gone the other way.

You heard it here first – don’t drink and give house tours.


Uninvited Guests

April 20, 2010

I usually hate uninvited guests. However this one is a little too hard to resist. Look what has been hanging around my back yard this week.

He’s only pretty small, I would estimate about 12 weeks old. He is a little purr machine. He climbed through the window and into bed with me last night – what a little cutey! Even Ned thought he was ok, and put up with his kittenish ways pretty well, sharing food with him and all.

However, he didn’t think about what an amazing feat it was that The Boyfriend was sort of starting to come to terms with a new baby pet in the house. Then he pooed all over the floor right next to where The Boyfriend sleeps. Poor little Mr Purry. The Boyfriend has started calling him Mr Pooey.

Yep, think I am going to have to find him a home now. I was just starting to get attached, too! This afternoon, I’m taking him down to the local Vet to see if he has  been microchipped. If not, I’ll be looking for any takers.

Add New Post

April 12, 2010

As I clicked on “Add New Post” it seemed very appropriate, given that the weekend has been full of adding new posts. New balcony posts, that is.

This is what the room that the balcony wraps around used to look like. Yes, I had almost finished renovating it – most of the painting was done, new fireplace, hearth tiles, skirting boards, windows all stripped back and repaired.

That orb in the photo? It might be a ghost. Or dust. You pick.

This is what it is looking like now. Oh, bugger.

All of the rotted joists were cut off at the house. They were still fine underneath the floorboards inside, so it’s only the actual outside parts that had rotted. Gee, from that beam in the far left on the corner of the house I just can’t imagine why this was apparently just a tad unsafe.

About 12 of the new beams are in, though not fastened yet inside, under the floor. Here’s some on one side of the house. Pretty, pretty beams. Also? I’m so please to see some progress finally, after weeks of destruction!

I’ll be beaming when this is all over!

Location, Location, Location

April 8, 2010

Today I am working at a different office than usual, because it’s not enough that I have an office at one location and a desk at Head Office – I need to have a third place to be as well. All 3 locations really could use someone there full time, so I am contemplating some cloning activity in the future, however for the moment will have to be satisfied with never knowing quite where I have to be the next day. A 3rd location is not such a bad thing, before you frown at yet another woe-is-me episode. This office is a 10 minute drive from home. In heavy traffic. Only 5 on a good day. You have to be happy with that!

This morning was an exercise in futility trying to find my way in – forgetting that I like to get to work early (because I also like to slip away early, not because I love mornings or anything – don’t come near me before 11 if you don’t want your head snapped off), my boss had not explained just how to get into the building before business hours. I spent some time wandering around the site just after 7am this morning wondering why I was not still in bed and how to get in the damn door. I’ve worked it out now. All I need to do next is remember the location on this office – I got lost in the building earlier this morning and had to get help from a passing stranger. I bet it made their day.

Today I am residing in my boss’s office. The boss with the good sense of humour. Hope the boss enjoys the little notes I left him, commenting on his desk.

(if you can’t read this it says “Germaphobe? You? Nah!!!”

I’m pretty sure he’s not a germaphobe actually, for although he does have isowipes and hand sanitiser, he also has 2 inch thick dust on his desk. Well, he used to – I wasn’t about to sit in that all day so the isowipes came in rather handy!

I am worried about what else he’s been up to though.

(If you can’t read these the left says “What The? You been picking locks or something?” and the right says “P.S. I broke my laptop putting this into my disk drive. Kidding – I would have, but I don’t have a disk drive…)

That ex-paperclip sure looks like it’s been used for something nefarious. The calculator is too cool though – see that thing in the shape of a 3.5″ disk? The metal clip part slides down to turn it on and reveal the screeny bit of the calculator. I can’t imagine how many people screwed up their computers when these were given out, which would have been some time ago I’d imagine. Possibly around the same era that folks everywhere were breaking CD Rom drives and calling their help desks to report the cup holder being broken.

The view out of his office windows is gorgeous. Shortly after snapping this, I went for a walk around the block just to enjoy the sunshine. After a few dreary days of rain this week the blue sky is most welcome!

Look! Greenery even! I await how excellent I believe the view to be in a week, when school goes back after the Easter break – over the street there is a school. Must go now – I have some googling to do on how to soundproof windows.

The Old Girl is Snoring

April 7, 2010

This morning I was having a lovely snooze on the train when I was woken up by an extremely loud snorty snore noise.This was no regular snore, it was a really loud snort. like what you’d imagine a young child to do if you asked them to imitate a pig. A loud pig.

I hope it didn’t wake too many other people up, because the noise actually happened to come from my own mouth. I lay there for the rest of the train trip pretending to still be asleep and oblivious, and got off the train at my stop rather rapidly, and with my head down.