It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Ned has always been a very affectionate little thing. However since Saturday he’s been acting strangely.

Firstly, he wasn’t around all weekend. His food was getting eaten, so I didn’t think too much about that, figuring that 20 firemen running through the house might have scared him. But then when I finally did catch up with him on Monday night he was a bit smelly, like he hadn’t been washing himself properly, and he had a sore ear. I figured he’d gotten into a fight, and made sure he stayed inside yesterday to recover – although I was starting to worry, since my friendly little purr monster wanted to hide away in a spare room behind a box of junk. Not like him at all, so I went home early yesterday, to see how he was, and took him straight to the vet. His ear looked so awful – pus and blood and gross.

Whoops, he’s apparently got the worst looking ear infection the vet has ever seen. After worrying all day about the vet’s dire predictions of polyps in his ear that have probably grown through and destroyed his eardrum, it turns out to have been a abscess from a cat fight which has successfully been cleaned out, and he can come home this afternoon.

I am so going to have a little chat with him when he gets home about fighting with the neighbours.

Naughty Ned. (Seen here with his late step sister in the background. And man, I remember when there were no few weeds in the garden like that picture. Must do something about that!)



4 Responses to “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Poor baby! And how interesting that my children acted the same way when they had ear infections. My daughter used to sit in her room with a blanket over her head. 😉 I hope your life gets back to normal soon!

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      I should have known something was up when he sat with the blanket over his head! 😉

      (Could have sworn I replied to this comment earlier.)

  2. Pamela Says:

    yup. Cat fangs, claws really do wreak havoc in other cats immune systems.
    I always wash any scratches I get — with something really strong!

    (It’s been raining pouring here, too. but from the sky. Hitting the sky window and banging away like a loud drum)

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      My little Ned seems to forget he is only a small little thing, fully grown but compared to the local Toms he is petite. He is however a good little mouse catcher. The Boyfriend has not looked at Ned the same way since the vet spouted on about how all the local stray Tom cats have likely got Cat-AIDS, so Ned probably has caught it now too.

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