Late Last Night, When We Were All In Bed

This morning I strolled into work. Well ok, let’s be more realistic here. I dragged myself into work, eyes hanging out of my head and more than likely dried drool down my shirt from where I’d fallen asleep on the train. The conversation was, as it is most Monday mornings, about what people had been up to over the weekend.

I patiently listened to a few stories before casually throwing my news out there. “Oh, didn’t get up to much. House caught on fire on Saturday, you know, the usual…”

Yes, that’s right. My tradie mates who were doing some renovation work for me (replacing some dodgy wood on my upstairs balcony, redecking, pulling down old railings so I could put nice lace railing up) used a grinder on the railings before deciding to go and get more supplies. Only to find out when they got back that a spark had gotten into the wood, smouldered for a while and caught my balcony on fire. Of course, the part that caught on fire was around a main load bearing support beam that goes in under the floor of upstairs. I guess I am now replacing a little more than I originally hoped for. This job just got more expensive.

I paid the neighbour who called the fire brigade in true Aussie currency – delivered a case of beer to his house along with my everlasting gratitude. The firemen said if it had gone another 5 minutes it would have been much worse, as the fire would have spread under the floor very quickly.

So on Saturday there were 2 fire engines and 20 firemen running around my house. Damn, and I wasn’t even home to get photos.


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6 Responses to “Late Last Night, When We Were All In Bed”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry. Will insurance cover anything?

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      Not sure yet. Having it looked at this afternoon, fingers crossed! (Really, how lucky am I – this could have sooo been worse!)

  2. EGE Says:

    Oh, my head! I guess I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself about the toilet seat I can’t remove!

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      There’s always someone worse off, eh. I was feeling sorry for myself till I got to work yesterday and heard that a work friend’s dad was dying. I thought my house worries aren’t really that bad then.

  3. Pamela Says:

    good news: no one was hurt.
    bad news: you didn’t get to check out the firefighters.

    Having been married to a firefighter (now retired) I can guarantee the look is worth it.

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      Yep – by the time I got to The Local on the way home yesterday, I’d perfected my story, to include a slow sorry shake of the head, and a “Yep, can’t believe I’d be so unlucky – fancy missing that many hot firemen”. There’s just something about a hot fireman. 🙂

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