I’ve been feeling inspired lately to declutter. Clear out the rooms full of mess, finish that renovation, and start using my whole house rather than live in the downstairs because I am renovating upstairs. People smirk at that comment, probably because I have been renovating upstairs for about 10 years now.

Perhaps I need to bite the bullet and just START already. Otherwise I think the decluttering buzz that is going around in my head will get louder and louder. At least, that is what I am sure is to blame for the fact that after lunch at work today I washed up my plate and cutlery and microwave container, dried them up and went to take them back to my office. However all that was on the bench was some paper towels. As I had dried the dishes? I’d chucked them all straight in the bin, and carefully stacked the paper towels on the bench. Excellent work.

In other news, I am sorry to say that I am very cranky with The Boyfriend today. He feels I am being unreasonable – that I can’t be cross for what he did in my dream last night. Hmph, whatever. If he would stop acting that way in my dream – fancy bringing an old friend’s cousin over and giving her special cuddles in the bed that I am also sleeping in – then I wouldn’t be cross. Or alternatively, I might lay off the smoked cheese just before bed.


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4 Responses to “Decluttering”

  1. WT Says:

    Actually, I was smirking because I was wondering how you’d use your ‘whole hours’.

  2. Karmyn R Says:

    If my husband would let me – I’d de-clutter the entire house. Then, there would be no more toys to pick up or things to dust. I’d be happy.

    and you know what? A smack with a pillow in the morning always makes me feel better after those dreams. And my husband usually sits bewildered wondering what just happened!!!

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