I wasn’t feeling too crash hot yesterday. There is only one thing for that – the old remedy that Mum used to feed me with when I was sick as a kid. Vegemite on toast and flat lemonade.

I am constantly amazed when I read comments from people in other countries who do not understand the appeal of vegemite on toast. How can you not like it? Most Aussie kids are brought up on this stuff. I had vegemite and cheese sandwiches for almost every day I was at school. I love vege on toast with sliced ripe tomatoes on top – the vegemite acts like the salt that you might normally like on tomato. Mmm, yum.

When trying it I think most who are new to the experience spread too thickly. This is the perfect way to serve it (in my humble opinion):



8 Responses to “Toasty”

  1. sashimi Says: is vegemite? I got the toast and tomatoes and salt part of it 🙂

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Count me in the confused category. I think it’s the appearance. It looks sort of like tar, doesn’t it? I’ve never seen it available anywhere here. But I can definitely understand the appeal of that mom-made comfort food when sick.

  3. WT Says:

    OMG!! I hope you didn’t eat that, I can see Jesus’ butt. That piece of toast is worth a fortune!

  4. radioactive tori Says:

    When I lived in Australia everyone always talked about vegemite but I never did get to try it. Maybe someday.

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      It’s a rare Aussie that doesn’t agree that Vegemite Toast is the breakfast of champions. You should give it a try – but beware, spread lightly! 🙂

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