Work is erk and will continue to be so for some weeks, I fear. While I was away swanning around the Northern Territory, 4 of my team have moved on to other jobs. I was part of a team of 6 – now it is just me and the boss. With budgets for all our state’s various business divisions to get through in the next few weeks. And I just ordered almost half a million bucks worth of equipment that in my absence the geeks discovered was unexpectedly incompatible with everything in place at work. I took notes on the issues this morning. The last thing written in my long chain of notes about how we could do x but then y wouldn’t work, I wrote “= shit creek, no paddle”.

The boss asked me to send him something about what strategy I recommended. I did eventually send some info over but not before I sent a message saying “Dunno about you mate but my strategy is that I am going to buy a Lotto ticket at lunchtime and pray really hard it wins”. He quickly advised he wanted to go halves in the ticket. Otherwise it might be just him stuck in this creek.

With all this excitement (amongst a million other dramas) going on, boss man has been understandably a little busy and slow when replying to some messages of late. So when I sent him a message a while ago that I really wanted him to read and fast, I made the subject “Will you be a referee for an interview I have next week”. Then inside, of course, was written “HAHAHA, just kidding, I really wanted a quick yes/no to this question and wanted you to read it fast.”

Well, this may have backfired. He still hasn’t replied to that one. Heh.


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7 Responses to “ERK!”

  1. WT Says:

    Oops! I hope things get better.

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      Oh things will be fine. The boss did eventually reply – with a “F*ck off, I’m not giving you a reference, I need you too much!” That helps me worry less. Plus, it’s better than the alternative (I could have got hit by a train this arvo on the way home and had an arm decapitated, only to fall out of the ambo and have both legs cut off when a car ran over me, then have them accidentally stick forks in my ears and eyes, blinding and deafening me. Or be 6 foot under. Yep, all will pass! I vent because I can.)

  2. Pamela Says:

    why did all those other people “move on.”
    When I wanted my boss to respond I always started “Just in case I get hit by a bus….”

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      Why did they go? They were all internal transfers – I get the feeling some were promotions, some were because their role didn’t really belong in my tea, and perhaps some weren’t fitting in too well and wanted to run things differently (badly).

  3. Frank Says:

    “…my strategy is that I am going to buy a Lotto ticket at lunchtime and pray really hard it wins.”

    That’s basically my strategy to get money for most of my adult life.

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