Lions and Tigers and Bears

OK, I didn’t see any lions. Or tigers. Or bears. I did see a few crocodiles and dingoes though. I spent the last week up in the Northern Territory, staying with my sailing friends.

The weather was far too hot and humid for me to cope with, however it was worth it to get to places like Katherine Gorge. I’ve wanted to get there ever since I was about 8.  We saw some amazing rock art and went swimming in our clothes (we stopped in at a croc-free swimming pool and hadn’t expected to be able to swim so didn’t have anything to swim in but what we were wearing).

The swimming was amazing at Litchfield National Park, at least until I tried to be a little too gung ho and ended up caught in a whirlpool before tumbling down a waterfall. A small waterfall, enough to bruise me lots but not too seriously. I can laugh now, but there were a few minutes of terror before The Boyfriend rescued me by sticking his leg out for me to grab on to.

Lots more to say about the whole week but it will have to wait – work calls.

I wonder if the people in this cafe got my subtle message about their food?


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4 Responses to “Lions and Tigers and Bears”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Croc free swimming pool and tumbling down a waterfall? This all sounds like so much fun. So do you have to check the status of every body of water before you enter?

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      You sure do! Really most places are off limits for swimming, more so in the wet season (now) when the water levels rise and crocs can get into places they might not be in the dry season.

  2. Pamela Says:

    I can;t imagine living somewhere that has “croc-free” swimming pools. Well.. what I mean is that there are crocs in the other ones. yiii yi yi yi.

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      Tell me about it. Here is this stinking hot, humid place, 33C all year round with horrific humidity, and you can’t even swim in the beach because if you don’t get eaten by a croc you get stung by a box jellyfish. I wouldn’t live there if you paid me!

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