Last Train to Snoozeville

I often time my departure from work to coincide with a nice comfy country train. Normal suburban trains are the norm to my local train station, however sometimes (about once an hour) you can catch a country train headed for the mountains that happens to stop at my station. They are faster than the suburban trains – they stop at few stations. The seats are roomier and more comfortable. The air conditioning actually works! They are also quieter, for most of the passengers are traveling further and want to catch up on work, or reading, or sleep.

One of the locals found out a while ago that I often caught a particular country train, and being a creature of habit that I always sat in the same carriage and seat. Since then, he has been catching the same train. I have often wished he wouldn’t – he’s a bit of an annoying character. His heart’s in the right place though so I put up with his nonsense all the way home, on what used to be a peaceful and quiet trip home, away from the rowdy rabble on the suburban trains. When you walk on a country train, the atmosphere is almost hushed, as if you are entering a church. Not this friend – he leaps on board, greets me VERY loudly, and keeps up a long conversation the whole way, no matter how many times I tell him to keep his voice down, the people in the next state can hear him, and no matter how many of the regular country train goers frown at him.

Yesterday for the first time, I was actually pleased he got the same train as me. I must have been exhausted – I’d gotten on the train and gone straight off to sleep, not even waking as the train pulled out of the station. By the time my stop came along, I was well into a very complicated dream about how to make the best scrambled eggs in the world (Damn it, I can’t remember how now!). My loud fellow traveler came to wake me up at my stop – lucky he did or I’d be writing this post from who knows where!


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5 Responses to “Last Train to Snoozeville”

  1. WT Says:

    Speaking as one who commuted from the Central Coast for many years, your ‘friend’ is a pain in the arse!

    PS. you wouldn’t be the first person who woke up in Katoomba.

  2. Frank Says:

    Chicago city trains are usually pretty awful. I take ’em twice a week for grad class, and it’s a good trip if A) the air conditioning/heating isn’t broken (depending on the time of year), and B) the train doesn’t smell like urine.

    I’d add C) no crazy people, but those are pretty much a constant.

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      This guy would actually be one of the C) Crazy People. heh. (And that’s why I get the country trains when I can, they actually have good air con and don’t smell like wee!)

  3. Pamela Says:

    “trained” takes on a new meaning……weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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