How Fancy

On Friday The Boyfriend and I went to a Fancy Dress party. We of course left outfits until the very last minute, then decided to go dressed as the Blues Brothers (simple, right? Just black suits, sunglasses and hats!) When we couldn’t find hats anywhere we started to panic – we had half an hour before it was time to leave and we still had nothing.

Eventually The Boyfriend came up with the brilliant idea of going as Mormons, so we dressed in black pants, white shirts, ties and I made up some nametags (“Elder 12ontheinside”), wrapped a couple of paperbacks in blank paper and labelled them as “The Book Of Mormon” and off we went, with plenty of time to spare.

Throughout the next part of the evening several groups of people who we have known for years said things like “Wow, I didn’t know you guys were Mormons!” Seriously, I am sitting in a pub with a schooner of beer in my hand and a very fake looking nametag on, and you think I am the real thing? The girl dressed as a nun didn’t get the same reaction so I am assuming we obviously come across much more clean living than I thought.


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2 Responses to “How Fancy”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    That’s so funny – especially since you were drinking.

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      I won’t admit to you that I encouraged the ‘nun’ later on to go up to people on the street outside the restaurant and say “bless you my children”. No, I would not do that at all.

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