Bad Timing

Well Christmas is done for another year. Thank goodness.

The new year was spent quietly here with half a dozen of us eating finger food in the back yard, swimming in the pool, and chatting. We were listening to a radio station and waiting for the countdown. Surely you’d expect a countdown at midnight? Nope. Once I realised the song they were playing was “New Years  Day” and checked my watch I had to break it to the group. “Uh… guys? It’s 2 minutes past 12…”

Let’s hope that is not a sign of the year to come!


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10 Responses to “Bad Timing”

  1. Kelley Says:

    LOLZ. That has happened to me before.

  2. sashimi Says:

    oh ya too. We were at this restaurant and the singer guy just said it flat “Happy New Year Ladies n Gentlemen”. Then he seemed to think it over, started playing “The Final Countdown”, then we had a real countdown..
    Hope that’s not a sign of things to come!

  3. Frank Says:

    You guys were outside with a swimming pool??

    Bah, it was 8 degrees Fahrenheit on New Year’s where I was.

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      Yeah but Frank, here in the land down under it is summer… right now it’s heading towards 32C today (almost 90F). We always equate Christmas and New Year with boiling hot summer days and swimming. You guys up-over don’t know what you’re missing!

  4. Pamela Says:

    I’m coming to your house next year for Christmas

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      Pamela, Let’s hope it goes well then – could be even *4* years in a row that nobody cries at Christmas! (This year was 3 – a record.)

  5. jennifer, playgroups are no place for children Says:

    We missed it by one minute. We were watching a fascinating show about polygamy and couldn’t be bothered to check the time!

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