Hungry Hungry Hippos

I loved that game as a kid. Must have driven my poor mum mad with the noise of it!

I decided to host a party next weekend. A Divorce Party, to celebrate the fact that my divorce is official after lots of time and money have been invested! (Remind me next time I think it would be a good idea to get married, to just find someone I don’t really like very much and just hand them a cheque for several hundred thousand dollars, it will save wasting time next time). Anyway, apparently a divorce party is not a very nice reason, it’s been turning a few heads. The caterer (for once, JUST ONCE, I want to spend an entire party having fun rather than cooking food, and have hired a mob to make spit roast lamb and pork) paused when he asked the reason for the party and I told him it was a Divorce Party, then said “Well, how about we just put Christmas Party on the booking form then, shall we?”

So the hippo alluded to playing the game was me earlier this evening. I bought some nibblies for the party this afternoon. Since then I have eaten some brie and bickies, smoked salmon and cream cheese on mini toasts, and some garlic chive cheese. I do believe it is important to do a proper taste test before a big event. I think we mught just call it that.


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13 Responses to “Hungry Hungry Hippos”

  1. EGE Says:

    Tell that caterer to cram it! I don’t care if you’re having a Divorce Party, a Cancer Party, or an Amputation Party, his job is to do what you tell him to do — and what the hell difference does it make what he writes on the form!?

    Rock on, sister. My ass is growing in solidarity.

  2. Pamela Says:

    I’ve heard of divorce parties. I thought they were quite common anymore?
    You’d think a caterer wouldn’t care either way as long as he/she got paid.

  3. willowtree Says:

    I think a Divorce Party is a good idea. I agree with the others, the caterer should pull his head in.

  4. sashimi Says:

    aha! Kind of like “Lay an Egg” ( in rverse. So cool!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I think Cake Wrecks had a big divorce cake post a month or so ago. I think it’s a fun idea. It indicates you are more or less pleased with your current status, so yes, celebrate!

  6. Swistle Says:

    I would be fantasizing later about saying to the caterer, “No, why don’t we put it in as a Divorce Party, since that’s what it is?”

  7. Frank Says:

    You could just call it an Anti-Douchebag party. That’s pretty much the same effect without that nasty “divorce” word.

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