Alternative Fun

Obviously I am so not fun at the moment, and there are only so many WOE IS ME updates one can make before it starts to sound tired.

While I cough up a lung and sweat out my quarantine period (I am so hating the lack of people contact!!! I hate not having people around me!), do yourself a favour and go and check out my best friend’s blog,  svthyme. You’ll find great reading in their archives, and as they have just returned to civilisation after 14 weeks out of contact range while they travelled around the north west of Australia, there’s bound to be a few regular updates of their travels that hardly any people would be able to experience due to the remoteness of the area.

My friends left Sydney in December 2007 in their 42 foot yacht and have been sailing around Australia ever since. They are only half way but have had amazing adventures. I’ve done a few legs with them – one in April 08 and one in September 08 – and it is just amazing to sail out past where land can be spotted. I think I am at heart a salty seadog.

They had better watch out – the updates coming through after months of no news are making me crave sailing another leg.



3 Responses to “Alternative Fun”

  1. Amanda Says:

    We always love the company of salty sea dogs!

  2. Frank Says:

    Sailing for 2 years?? That’s pretty intense. I sailed in the Florida Keys once, but I got so seasick that all I remember from the second half of the trip is hanging over the edge of the boat and being sick into the water…

  3. sashimi Says:

    Awww ….. I’m sorry about the whoops. And wow..are all Aussies as adventurous…? (referring to the sailing not the whooping cough)

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