Whoops are Not Always Fun

I’ve been struggling this week with a nasty cold I just cannot shake. Finally after another sleepless night I went off to the doctor. The verdict? Whooping Cough. I have been vaccinated – apparently the immunity commonly runs out in your early 30’s, and there have been many cases this year due to more and more people not vaccinating children. So while I have been doing whooping of sorts, it hasn’t been the fun type.

A friend from work called me today to ask me “Whooping Cough? Why can’t you just get a cold, like NORMAL people!”

We all know the answer – because I am not normal.

Only yesterday the big boss at work said to me “Are you sick AGAIN!” I felt like I was in trouble for having a bad cough. It was a lousy thing to make me feel – after all, I am clearly not putting it on. I also think that if he hadn’t given me such a hard time when I caught the flu back in in May I might have taken enough time off to actually recover properly – I feel like I have been run down ever since, catching every single thing that floats by. So really, it is his fault.

I am infectious till Monday and how SAD – I cannot go to the office the rest of the week. Boo hoo.

N.B. I am actually not feeling too much like death so no need to panic – only when I get the coughing fits, which can have breaks of up to a couple of hours between them (but which can last a few hours too).


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10 Responses to “Whoops are Not Always Fun”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    How awful and strange! I had no idea that the vaccination only lasted so long. Rest and feel better soon.

  2. EGE Says:

    Stank! Feel better! Also, send me some of those germs!

  3. willowtree Says:

    My wife got it earlier this year, and her story is similar to yours. Parents are refusing (or simply neglecting) to get their kids vaccinated, and the rest of us suffer because our vaccination has run out. I can tell you this…it’s a really long lingering condition.

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      yeah, I’ve been reading up on it. I knew to worry when the doc, upon prescribing strong antibiotics, said “These will make you not contagious after 5 days but other than that will not help you very much”. Apparently the cough can linger on for months. Yikes! Plus, my voice is so croaky at the moment from all the coughing and lack of sleep that I reckon I could get a job on a phone sex line. Husky is now my middle name.

      12 Husky Ontheinside

  4. Little Miss Moi Says:

    Well, I DID know that it runs out… Cause when the kids get vaccinated these days, they offer the parents a free whooping cough immunisation. Apparently it’s the parents of young kids (not the kids) who are the biggest spreaders of the disease.

    I got the jab and yowee it was an achy one!

    Feel better soon.

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      Oh, bum – so I have to pay unless I have a child? Seems rather extreme measures to go to for a free jab….

  5. Pamela Says:

    I’ve heard that same thing — what WT said — about people not getting children immunized.

    I’m so sorry you’re sick.
    And I’m worried as I didn’t know that it wore off!

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      There’s a booster shot available for adults, Pamela.

      In Australia, it is free if you are in regular contact with a child under 1.

      I’m sure you’d have to pay though!

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