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Hungry Hungry Hippos

November 23, 2009

I loved that game as a kid. Must have driven my poor mum mad with the noise of it!

I decided to host a party next weekend. A Divorce Party, to celebrate the fact that my divorce is official after lots of time and money have been invested! (Remind me next time I think it would be a good idea to get married, to just find someone I don’t really like very much and just hand them a cheque for several hundred thousand dollars, it will save wasting time next time). Anyway, apparently a divorce party is not a very nice reason, it’s been turning a few heads. The caterer (for once, JUST ONCE, I want to spend an entire party having fun rather than cooking food, and have hired a mob to make spit roast lamb and pork) paused when he asked the reason for the party and I told him it was a Divorce Party, then said “Well, how about we just put Christmas Party on the booking form then, shall we?”

So the hippo alluded to playing the game was me earlier this evening. I bought some nibblies for the party this afternoon. Since then I have eaten some brie and bickies, smoked salmon and cream cheese on mini toasts, and some garlic chive cheese. I do believe it is important to do a proper taste test before a big event. I think we mught just call it that.


Alternative Fun

November 12, 2009

Obviously I am so not fun at the moment, and there are only so many WOE IS ME updates one can make before it starts to sound tired.

While I cough up a lung and sweat out my quarantine period (I am so hating the lack of people contact!!! I hate not having people around me!), do yourself a favour and go and check out my best friend’s blog,  svthyme. You’ll find great reading in their archives, and as they have just returned to civilisation after 14 weeks out of contact range while they travelled around the north west of Australia, there’s bound to be a few regular updates of their travels that hardly any people would be able to experience due to the remoteness of the area.

My friends left Sydney in December 2007 in their 42 foot yacht and have been sailing around Australia ever since. They are only half way but have had amazing adventures. I’ve done a few legs with them – one in April 08 and one in September 08 – and it is just amazing to sail out past where land can be spotted. I think I am at heart a salty seadog.

They had better watch out – the updates coming through after months of no news are making me crave sailing another leg.

Whoops are Not Always Fun

November 11, 2009

I’ve been struggling this week with a nasty cold I just cannot shake. Finally after another sleepless night I went off to the doctor. The verdict? Whooping Cough. I have been vaccinated – apparently the immunity commonly runs out in your early 30’s, and there have been many cases this year due to more and more people not vaccinating children. So while I have been doing whooping of sorts, it hasn’t been the fun type.

A friend from work called me today to ask me “Whooping Cough? Why can’t you just get a cold, like NORMAL people!”

We all know the answer – because I am not normal.

Only yesterday the big boss at work said to me “Are you sick AGAIN!” I felt like I was in trouble for having a bad cough. It was a lousy thing to make me feel – after all, I am clearly not putting it on. I also think that if he hadn’t given me such a hard time when I caught the flu back in in May I might have taken enough time off to actually recover properly – I feel like I have been run down ever since, catching every single thing that floats by. So really, it is his fault.

I am infectious till Monday and how SAD – I cannot go to the office the rest of the week. Boo hoo.

N.B. I am actually not feeling too much like death so no need to panic – only when I get the coughing fits, which can have breaks of up to a couple of hours between them (but which can last a few hours too).


November 5, 2009

I bought some snacks the other day. The Boyfriend, on looking at the box, asked me what children I had bought them for. I thought they looked like delicious fruity goodness, all shiny and plastic like and perfect for work.

Does this opened example look like the picture on the box? NO! It looks nothing like it! This is a fruity relative of the shit cake from last week – Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Shit Poles!*

shit poles

* Should anyone reading have shit that looks like the above, please see your doctor.