You Should See the Other Guy

Since Friday many people have asked me what I have done to my hand. My instant response is “You should see the other guy!”, followed by a sorry shake of the head and perhaps a little faux boxing action. Of course, reality is far different, but the true story as to why I am sporting a bandaged wrist is far more boring – I was on my way to work on Friday when a charming man in a business suit shoved me in his panic to get off the train, and I went flying. No, he did not stop to see if I was ok. Pig.

On my arrival at work, my simple request for an ice pack sent the first aid officer absolutely mental. I had some trouble understanding why I would need to be carried on a stretcher for a sore arm. Turns out they haven’t had a first aid incident since the new first aid room opened and they all got trained so it was an exciting day. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they sneaked in a few photos to put in the weekend papers. And so off to the doctor I was sent, with requests for x rays and reports, for this was a workers comp claim, having happened on the way to work.

If you ever hurt yourself, please let it be at work! I have never had such fuss made of me. The cynical amongst you would say that’s because it’s like free money for the medical practice, the insurance company probably pays more than medicare. I found it hard to believe that I had to beg the doctor to be allowed to come back to work today, Tuesday, several days after the incident, and now several work days behind! So I am back on light duties only. I didn’t bother explaining to the doctor that light duties would cover any day.


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10 Responses to “You Should See the Other Guy”

  1. willowtree Says:

    My wife tripped over some woman’s luggage who had stopped at the bottom of the escalators at Central on the way to a meeting. She was off work for 10 weeks and is not yet back to full-time. Gotta love that compo!

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      Hmm, I do start to feel I may be mentally ill for begging to come back for today, the doctor so wanted me to extend the certificate. With all the restructure-reschmuctures on at the moment I think it was the best plan to return to the salt mines soonish, however much I would rather be sitting at home watching bad TV and eating bon bons!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Things are very different here. You can only go to drs who take work related injuries, so on top of being hurt you have to hunt for a new dr. I’m sorry some idiot shoved you and didn’t stop to feel guilty about it.

    • 12ontheinside Says:

      Man this is when I get misty eyed about Australia – when someone from the USA tells me about anything to do with medical treatment!

  3. EGE Says:

    I love this: “If you ever hurt yourself, please let it be at work!”

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Oh, hey! There’s a small chance Johnny and I will be planning a trip to Australia in the springtime — well, our springtime. We’d be staying with a friend in Melbourne, but asking you for insider Sydney advice. We’ll keep you posted (I’m sure you’re on tenterhooks)!

  4. travelling, but not in love Says:

    I’d love to be on light duties only. yesterday I had to finish installing our office kitchen. Can you imagine?

  5. Frank Says:

    Heh, “you should see the other guy…”

    That’s like the time I hurt my back and I told people it was because I dashed out into the street and lifted a car to save a baby underneath.

    In reality I hurt my back shaking a vending machine because my Pop-Tarts got stuck…

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