Is it 5 o’clock Yet?

I’m sitting at my desk, giggling to myself. I realise this is a clear sign of madness. I’ve been sitting here for a good 15 minutes giggling on and off. They say laughter is good for the soul, so at least my soul’s getting a good workout. (Though I must admit I am a goof, my soul gets regular workouts this way.)

I hate those stupid messages that get sent around – and am annoyed, having just got one with a subject of “THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!!!! MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS!” along with a detailed story about notes on the back window of a car and axe wielding maniacs jumping from the shadows and chopping your arms off before taking your car and wallet and keys and address. And now they are on their way to your house in your car to kill your entire family. OK, so maybe it didn’t say the bits about axes or chopping off arms, but you get the drift.

I’m now hearing other giggles start to filter across the office, as people receive the warning I sent in response to all recipients of the axe wielding car thief story. It’s only fair I share it with you too, after all the same thing could happen to you.

Generally, I hate these warnings that get sent around but even I have to admit that this one is important.

Please protect everyone you know and care about by sending this to your entire email list.

If someone comes to your front door, says they are conducting a survey, and asks you to show them your bottom, DO NOT SHOW THEM YOUR BOTTOM!

This is a scam. They only want to see your bottom!

I wish I’d got this yesterday, I feel so stupid and cheap.



8 Responses to “Is it 5 o’clock Yet?”

  1. travelling, but not in love Says:

    So, I’ve been discovered have I? Damn. And that was the only fun I’ve been getting these days too.

  2. EGE Says:

    Genius! I may just forward this to everyone I know!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    You got me laughing! Thank you for such a ridiculous start to my morning!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    OK, I read it again and it’s still awesome.

  5. Pamela Says:

    the one I heard was the traveling mammogram technician.
    (Or if that takes too long to say … you can say Titty Tech)

  6. Bobbie Leigh Says:

    That was a fantastic response! I love it!!

  7. Kimberly Says:

    I showed my bottom. It felt good. Then I felt embarassed.

  8. 12ontheinside Says:

    still giggling.

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