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Lucky Coins

June 29, 2009

On Saturday I melted this 5c piece to the ice that was forming on the taps at The Local.


By Sunday it had a thick glassy sheen of ice over it (and its two friends that I had also added after taking the photo). I suppose it is wrong that this was what I was most proud of myself for over the weekend.

Last night (early this morning?) I woke sobbing after having a terrible dream. The Boyfriend found it very hard to understand why I was so cranky with him. After all, I suppose it was all only in my dream that we went on a road trip to meet up with his other girlfriend and he couldn’t understand why I was so upset. (That’s the short version – in reality it was a very long and complicated story and involved a vast array of characters.) Odd how dreams can seem SOOO real! I blame the Steak, Mushroom, Guinness and Oyster Pie I made for dinner. (Or perhaps I just wanted to show off about they yummy dinner I made last night.)


Toilets and Teeth

June 26, 2009

Work has been keeping me pretty busy lately. At least I am finally starting to feel like I can do the job. You know I can always still make time for popping in to The Local. Last night I put my footy tips in on the way home. Someone’s been drinking in the toilet again. Weird. Who does that? Then again, I suppose, who takes photos of toilets with drinks left on them with their bad mobile phone camera.


I suppose it’s no worse than the photo I took on the mobile phone last weekend at The Local. One of the local boys was worried someone would take his beer. So he put his false teeth in his glass. Mmmm, tasty.


Lick This!

June 23, 2009

Yesterday, I smelt something odd on my hand. I sniffed it and couldn’t identify what it was. It smelt sort of citrus like, but in a medicinal way. I licked the back of my hand, and still couldn’t identify what it was, so I washed my hands. Then I got a drink of water, because whatever it was it tasted feral.

Today I was dropping some papers off to the big boss and onthe way, used some of the anti bacterial hand gel that’s been put up throughout the building since the great Swine Flu Fever hit. It suddenly occurred to me – aHA – that’s what had been on my hand yesterday!

And then it suddenly occurred to me – who licks their hand when there’s something unidentified on it? Only me.

Too Few and Too Many

June 19, 2009

The last two weekends have been a complete contrast. One was filled with nothing. The next was filled with people, some of whom I could have done without!

The weekend before last, The Boyfriend went to Melbourne for the weekend to watch an AFL game. I decided it was a good weekend to go and visit my girlfriend and her two kids. Unfortunately, I left my call until too late and when I called to arrange it, she already had plans. I made alternate plans to keep myself busy and they fell through as well. It was a pretty lonely weekend, and I was a bit at a loss for things to do and people to talk to. It was a long weekend, and it felt like a wasted one.

Last weekend, I went away for a few days with The Boyfriend. He brought a couple of mates with him, as the weekend was in celebration of The Boyfriend’s birthday. (It was a big one. I won’t give the number away, but it started with a 4 and ended with an 0. And no, he’s not 400 years old.) The contrast to our usual weekends away, with just the two of us, was remarkable.

One of the guys who came along for the trip loved the house (we stayed at my parent’s beach house) and he spent lots of time poking around, taking photos and exploring the nearby beach. Some of the poking around got a little hard to take, for example when he broke the garage roller door, but in general it was ok – in other words, he fixed it before we left. I’d take him away again, he was cheerful and pleasant to have around.

The other of Boyfriend’s friends? I actually would really like to slap him across the face. On the first day away, he went for a walk for an hour. 5 hours later we picked him up from a nearby pub after ringing to find out where he was. That night when we all went out for dinner at a nearby club, he didn’t eat, but walked away from the group to play pokies on his own. The next day, he was nowhere to be found when lunch was being served (he was later found sitting outside the front gate – what the?). Then after dinner that night, he just got up and went to bed – no goodnight. And in the two times I’ve seen him since the weekend? He’s insulted me and said I was rude on the weekend. That slap sounds pretty tough to resist. I can’t promise not to at least throw a drink on him if I run in to him over this next weekend.

Pig Out

June 5, 2009

I think I must have swine flu. Why? Because I ate like an absolute pig yesterday. Perhaps it’s related less to swine flu though and more to having stayed out too late the night before drinking beer and watching the State of Origin match at The Local.

I have a habit of eating my way out of a hangover, but I did outdo myself yesterday. I had the following:

  • Junior Whopper burger with cheese
  • Toast with cheese spread
  • Home made steak and mushroom pie
  • 1 Jam filled Krispy Kreme doughnut
  • 2 Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts. One of which I bought for another girl at work but found I ate it before I had a chance to give it to her.
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Garlic bread
  • Large-ish bowl of pasta

Yes, I know you all think I am a pig now, but there was no way I was leaving a post up about my poor underwear choices over the long weekend, was there!

Undies are Evil

June 3, 2009

On the weekend, I went to a wedding. Since it’s important for all women to be uncomfortable at these events, I wore a dress and strappy high heels.

A few days before the wedding I tried on the dress I planned to wear and asked The Boyfriend if it looked ok. He looked me over and said “You know what comes to mind when I see you in that dress?” I waited eagerly for his next statement. “A schoolma’am”.

So I wore a different dress. And, because I wasn’t a fan of the belly bulge that was a little too obvious under that dress, I bought a pair of old lady fat-holder-inner undergarments to wear underneath. I was talking to a girlfriend before I left, and told her I wasn’t sure how much fat they could be holding in, and perhaps I bought a size too big, because they felt too comfortable. We even joked about perhaps I had no fat to hold in. Oh I should never have mocked the fat-holder-inner-undergarments.

The wedding started at 1:30. By 1:22, I was texting the same friend with “Wedding has not yet started and I am already starting to rethink the fat holder inner undies and wondering if I can take them off in the loo”. Yeah, those things are evil, man.