Added Bonus!

After a mad day at work, today at around 3pm I realised why I felt so hungry – I hadn’t stopped for lunch. With the madness yet to subside, I decided to go to the bottom drawer of my cupboard, which holds my emergency supplies, and go the quick 2 minute noodle option.

Upon grabbing the packet, it felt slightly bulgier than usual, and closer inspection revealed a pleasant surprise – bonus vegetable packet inside.  When I opened the packet, here was my surprise.


Yeah, 5 peas and some tiny red things of dubious vegetable origin. Wow. How overwhelmingly generous. Since I don’t like peas and the red things looked like pieces of plastic, I tipped the veggies out and went with the standard. My only other surprise was that instead of the radiation look, my phone seems to have decided on a green tinge today. Seems somewhat appropriate.



6 Responses to “Added Bonus!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Mmmm. That looks delicious. I can’t believe you passed on all those garden fresh veggies.

  2. Frank Says:

    I prefer my noodles without veggies, especially if they’re all dry and shriveled. There’s something about dried peas…they look a little too booger-y for my tastes.

  3. Bobbie Leigh Says:

    That really isn’t right- LOL!!!! That would annoy me.

  4. Pamela Says:


  5. EGE Says:

    Looks yuck.

  6. 12ontheinside Says:

    You’re all right – they DID suck (I tried them another day in another flavour. Won’t bother again!). Pamela, I can’t be sure but I suspect they were supposed to be carrots. Blech.

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