I may still be somewhat ‘armless, however I am making up for that by being extremely handy. Got a requirement? Let me solve it for you just by looking in my handbag.

Case in point: This morning during the mad dash to get to the train station on time, I was fishing around in my handbag looking for my keys. The keys to my office door, which I lock on those days I leave the laptop at work just in case of any light fingered team members, so I really needed to have them unless I wanted to sit outside my office door all day. (Hindsight: That sounds like more fun than being in here, working! What was I thinking!)

I didn’t just find my keys, I also found big heavy silver nutcrackers. I don’t remember even putting them in there or where they came from. That is curiously handy, I will give them to The Boyfriend’s mum, who was given a huge bag of macadamias on the weekend that all need cracking.

I think it is time to clean out my handbag. Either that, or there’s a psychic leaving strange gifts in my handbag when I’m not looking.



7 Responses to “Handy”

  1. Little Miss Moi Says:

    Dear 12ontheinside. Um. Yeah.

    Good luck with the maccas, we used to have a tree and in the end we just let them rot and bought the nice ones without a shell from the shops.

  2. WT Says:

    Are they some sort of management tool?

  3. travelling but not in love Says:

    You can always use them to threaten boss…or, erm, crack nuts. What on earth were they doing in there and how did you not notice the extra weight?

  4. Aritza, Goddess of.. Says:

    Uhmm.. what could this psychic be trying to tell you ?

    You need to get crackin’ ?
    You’re breaking The Boyfriend’s nuts ?

    hehehe, you gotta clean up your purse ..lol

  5. Pamela Says:

    or someone is trying to tell you “you are a nut”

  6. Frank Says:

    My backpack is kind of like that. I always find the strangest things in there. One I found two butter knives and about 30 packets of salt. I can only assume this was either an elaborate prank, or I just threw that stuff in there while drunk. I’m leaning towards the second.

  7. 12ontheinside Says:

    LMM: I think we’ll end up going that way too!
    WT: Not originally, but I may incorporate them into my workday!
    TBNIL: Nope! Never reaised they were there!
    Aritza: Don’t get pissed and forget you put nutcrackers in your bag seems the most appropriate message!
    Pamela: I already knew that.
    Frank: I have since discovered it was the second for me, too. Which I’m sure everyone guessed.

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