Sundresses and Suits

With my new job at work, I have moved to a different office. Today’s my first day full time at the new office. It didn’t start well – the free bus that the business park my new office is in provides from a nearby station was nowhere to be found, and after wandering around Central for half an hour I gave up and got a taxi, lest I be late. (Note to business park owners: Railway Square is HUGE and has SQUILLIONS of busses going through it – I need more location information than ‘Railway Square’, you dolts!)

Although part of the same company, the new division of the business I work for is slightly different to the old one. I can see this manifesting in several ways so far, although I am sure to find more.

This business is over 80% women. Which is the complete opposite to where I was before. (I wonder if they knew I actually get on better with men before they offered me the job? No, I’m pretty sure that did not come up in the interview, and if it had I would not have gotten the job, because I would have said something lewd.)

The ‘class divide’ between executive and other staff seems to be punctuated by attire. All the executive, whether men or women, wear nice suits. I don’t think I can even get away with pants any more, even when worn as a suit with a matching jacket. (As I type this I am sitting in my office with my uncomfortable heels kicked off under the desk, my jacket slung over the back of my chair, and my too-tight-after-the-ham-and-cheese-croissant skirt is unzipped at the back. Hmm, I should possibly rethink this in case someone comes to see me. OK, now it is only half unzipped, and I am pretty sure it won’t fall off completely if I have to stand up to greet someone. Not entirely sure, but pretty sure, and hey you have to have SOME kind of excitement in life, don’t you. Anyway. As I was saying. All the non executive staff (the women, anyway) seem to wear sundresses and sandals. To work. Strappy spaghetti string tiny short dresses that I might wear to the beach but probably not anywhere else. Hmm. These women I do not understand. Many of them seem to flick their hair around alot and laugh, little tinking laughs that make me want to poke my eardrums out with a sharp pencil. Luckily my office has a door. Sadly, one wall is made from glass, so I cannot slip into comfy tracky pants and t shirts when hiding in there. Also sadly, there is no TV.

And sadly for you? You may hear lots about my newest annoying colleague. He sits right outside my door. I have not yet heard him say a sentence without turning it into a question by adding “Right?” to the end of it. I might keep a hold of that sharp pencil in case I feel any sudden urges coming on.

Finally: My nearest kitchen is covered in signs saying “Executive kitchen only. All other staff to use kitchen at end of corridor”. I’m not sure if I count as an executive or other staff. I’m frightened of being kicked out of the kitchen any time I go near it. Of course, this only came to me after having put my lunch in the fridge there this morning. I hope I don’t have to go and search the rest of the executive wing for my leftovers at lunch time.



4 Responses to “Sundresses and Suits”

  1. WT Says:

    Let the games begin!

  2. mark Says:

    So you’ll be worrying about the WENIS now, right? Australia had the show Friends, right? You’re picking up your pencil to write me a note, right?

  3. EGE Says:

    Sounds like a veritably joyful place to work!

  4. 12ontheinside Says:

    WT: I hate this game.
    mark: I’m not sure I want to google WENIS at work. I don’t, do I.
    EGE: It is not in fact, but I shall persevere!

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