Days Like These

So far today I have:

  • left my laptop at home and had to return for it, making me late for work
  • found that I cracked the laptop screen when I did finally get there by closing it on a clip that poked through the screen
  • sat through a meeting without noticing the button on my shirt had come undone, giving the other people in the room a lovely look at my bra
  • realised my shirt is see through so everyone can see every stitch of embroidery on said bra anyway, so I may as well take my shirt off for everyone, not just the few people in that meeting
  • been given the run around at work because I started my new job this week only to find that I have a week to submit a budget. I have never done a budget before and have no idea what I am doing.

Luckily I have the day off tomorrow because I think I need a beer or 7 tonight!


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10 Responses to “Days Like These”

  1. WT Says:

    I used to hate budgets. Good luck with it.

  2. Frank Says:

    And why are there no pictures?

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I think a see-through shirt and flashing your bra are a great way to make that super special first impression for your new job.
    I’m very sorry you had a bad day and I hope you are enjoying your evening right this second (I think. I can’t figure the time difference).

  4. mark Says:

    Maybe two buttons undone would have gotten you out of the budget. Better try harder next time. 🙂

  5. travelling but not in love Says:

    I love the bra-flashing thing, he he. Very funny. I once had a colleague (female) who would regularly come into work with her shirt/trousers/top on inside out. One day she turned up in odd shoes – identical shoes but one was brown the other was blue.

    there’s something to be said for getting dressed with the lights on.

  6. Bobbie Leigh Says:

    How sucky is that!! I was in a meeting and it was right when I came back from maternity leave with my first kid. My boob leaked. There was nothing I could do for 1 1/2 hours.
    Enjoy your day off and your 7 beers!

  7. magneto bold too Says:

    He he he

    I see a promotion in your future if those in the meeting were male…

  8. Pamela Says:

    find last years budget and wiggle it.

  9. Pamela Says:

    the budget, not your boobies.

  10. 12ontheinside Says:

    WT: I haven’t had the pleasure before. And it has no been pleasurable.
    Frank: Damn, must have forgotten to take em.
    Jenn: I guess you can either laugh or cry. Or tell the internet what an idiot you are!
    mark: I’ll keep that in mind for next time.
    tbnil: I have gotten dressed in the dark and ended up with black skirt and navy top. I thought that was bad But odd shoes?
    Bobbie: Least you had a good excuse. Must have been embarrassing though!
    magneto: They must have been or surely they would have said something.
    Pamela: I did end up doing that! To the budget, not my boobies.

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