The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:

What a fantastic trip to Adelaide, even if it was over 41C (106F) yesterday. It’s all good, the boyfriend’s sister has a pool. We started our trip with a few days hanging out with The Boyfriend’s sister and her family. Their little 7 year old girl was particularly taken with me. Although it did seem a little like the spanish inquisition when I was asked in the space of a few minutes about whether I had been married before, why I wasn’t now, was I going to marry her Uncle and how many children we thought we might have. Yikes. Then she followed me to the bathroom, waiting outside the door until I’d done what I went there to do. That’s about when I knew I had a new fan.

The Barossa trip we had on Sunday was lots of fun. We left the kids in a box in the garage (of course we didn’t really, we farmed them out for the day) and hit the wineries. By the end of the day my sides hurt from laughing and the best tasting drink of the day was the cold beer at the end to wash away the winey taste.

Boyfriend and I headed off to McLaren Vale on Monday morning. We found ourselves to be all wined out, so we spent the afternoon sitting in a big double spa at the very luxurious B&B we were staying in for the night. The bed was THE most comfortable I have ever slept in. It was so good that I took a picture of the label, so I can go and buy one of those matteresses myself. If you’re ever after a nice place to stay in McLaren Vale? Head over here. The spa suite rocks.

The Bad:

An email in my inbox on my return to work this morning from my ex. Sending me the link to his latest favourite song. (The ex and I split in Feb last year, we don’t have any bad words to say to or about each other, he still lives in my house and I pay all his bills which does annoy me somewhat, but as we had not had an intimate relationship for 6 years I sadly said goodbye and have since moved on, very unexpectedly happy at last. Still, feelings of guilt make me feel bad on the odd occasion because I am so happy now and he… well, he isn’t, yet.) So that’s why I was listening earlier today to Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – The Love I Lost. I read the lyrics for a minute or two before quickly shutting the browser window, since tears at my desk at work are not so cool. I’m sure it’s understandable why – these lyrics are a real kick in the guts!

I can remember planning
Building my whole world around you
And I can remember hoping
That you and I could make it on through
But something went wrong
We loved each other
We just couldn’t get along
Take a good look at me
I’m in misery, can’t you see

The love I lost (the love, the love I lost)
Was a sweet love (it was a sweet love)
The love I lost (the love, the love I lost)
Was complete love (it was complete love)
The love I lost (the love I lost)
I will never (never) no no never
(Never) love again ooh

I can’t remember nothing, no no
But the good times we used to share
I’m so sad and lonely
Without you my life is so dead
I’m sorry to say
You go your way and I’ll go my way
It hurts deep inside
The day we said goodbye, but

The love I lost (the love, the love I lost)
Was a sweet love (it was a sweet love)
The love I lost (the love, the love I lost)
Was complete love (it was complete love)
The love I lost ooh ooh
I will never (never) no no never
(Never) love again (I’ll never love again)
I will never (never) no no never
(Never) love again ooh ooh ooh ooh
I will never (never) no no never
(Never) love again

The love, the love I lost, ooh
The love, the love I lost

The Ugly:

Can’t think of any ugly. That’s I suppose another thing that should be listed as The Good.


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6 Responses to “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

  1. WT Says:

    Glad you had a good time, too bad about the emotional blackmail.

  2. mark Says:

    Sounds like it was a killer weekend. It’s lucky you parted with the ex on good terms, but something that I was told repeatedly and now agree with is that being friends with your ex doesn’t work. Rare exceptions, yes, but if he’s sending you songs like that, and you’re in a very happy place now, then don’t let him be an anchor to your past.

  3. 12ontheinside Says:

    WT: Yep, sux to be me! The wine was nice though 🙂
    Mark: I agree – I’m trying to keep things civil as I am on the back foot until Feb/Mar this year – that’s when I think the financial agreement will take place (where I give him craploads more money and he gets out of my house). I’m looking forward to getting my house back. Boyfriend’s mum and dad are great (washing done for me! ironing done for me! etc!) but a bit more privacy would be nice, and I try to stay away from my place when the ex is there. Since he doesn’t leave the house and plays World of Warcraft 16 hours a day (???WTF!!!) that means I stay away an awful lot.

  4. travelling, but not in love Says:

    Lord…firstly, great weekend away – all looks very lovely – especially the b&b. Classy, like.

    secondly, what kind of nutcase is your ex? OK, maybe not a nutcase, but he needs to find himself a little bit of honey to keep him away from your money. But nice that his mom does your chores. I like that in an ex’s mother.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I’m glad to hear you had such a fun trip – the little girl sounds precious. I’m sorry about the email. I have lots to say but keep deleting it all because it’s none of my business, so I’ll give you parentheses (hugs) and move along. Wish we could chat over lunch sometime!

  6. 12ontheinside Says:

    tbnil: The boyfriend’s mum does my chores. The ex’s mom is far overseas. Which as far as I am concerned, is just the right place for a mother in law to be.
    Jenn: No worries, and all is actually quite good here. And I seem to attract little girls of around 6 to 12. Boys now, I don’t like them much till they are much older and cuter (and legal – jk).

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