On Leave

In 10 minutes I’m on holidays. I’ll be back mid next week with tales of the very strange city of Adelaide. The state of South Australia seems to be mainly famous for serial killers, mass murderers, and generally being a place of weirdos. On a positive note, the Barossa Valley right nearby is one of the best wine regions in the world…


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8 Responses to “On Leave”

  1. WT Says:

    I was just saying that very thing to someone the other day

  2. emmaincanada Says:

    re: your comment on my blog. I think the issue I have with so called lurkers is that, while my blog is pretty much shite, theirs (as in yours) are usually quite good and something I would love to read on a regular basis. And while I have no idea how you came across me, I am quite please you unlurked! And if you want an invite to the blog once it is private and the link to the new one, I am more than pleased to send it your way.

  3. travelling, but not in love Says:

    gosh. good luck. Don’t they have german’s there too? *eek*

  4. mark Says:

    You don’t suppose those are related, do you? Have an awesome time.

  5. Bobbie Leigh Says:

    Have a great time!

  6. Joy T. Says:

    But! Wait a minute. I just got over here for a visit. And now you’re leaving? Well have a super holiday. Bring me back a present. What?? Too much? Aren’t you glad you commented on my blog :o)

  7. magneto bold too Says:

    You are so right.

    My husband is from Adelaide.

    Land of the weirdos.


    Have a wonderful time and don’t blink or you will miss the throbbing metropolis of Adelaide city centre.

  8. 12ontheinside Says:

    It was fun, and all I can say that isn’t listed in my most recent post is that South Australians talk funny. They have an almost kiwi accent. Also, they deny this fact strenuously.

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