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Hives, Begone!

January 30, 2009

So, it’s now been a week with hives. I’m over them now, thanks, they can go now! Apart from googling the ultra high dose of Prednisone I’ve been taking daily and being horrified to read of the possible side effects, it’s just damn itchy. And leads to unfortunate consequences. Such as yetserday, when I wore a long floaty skirt to work, thinking it would be more comfortable to have a skirt on for me and more comfortable for everyone else’s eyes if it was long to cover the lumpy hivey goodness that my entire body has become, from toes to neck. Never once did I think to lift the long skirt as I walked up the stairs into work, which is why I stepped on the edge of the hem and promptly pulled my skirt down. Luckily for me, I was wearing really nice undies yesterday or that could have been totally embarrassing, eh!

In an effort to distract you from some of the horrifying mental images here’s a few more snaps from my photography course:

Zooming in on a long exposure while on a tripod produced some cool effects.


Sometimes a shot looks cool from a different angle.


Although lots of the tricks we were taught applied more to people, I preferred to find alternate things to focus on.


Sometimes a shot would have been nice – but for the hordes of people in the city! It was really hard to take a photo wothout people getting in the way.


Back to the doctor’s very shortly for me, which does have the added bonus of a good excuse to leave work early – you don’t want me scaring the customers, do you boss! 🙂



January 27, 2009

Fact: Some temporary tattoos are not that temporary.

Fact: It helps to know your audience.

When you go into a rather important meeting, after which you’ll either have a new job or be in the exit lounge, you need to decide which side of your arm to face to the big boss:

a) the side with a big green and gold tattoo saying “Aussie Legend”, which when reading between the lines also says “I had a big piss up on Australia Day yesterday”; or

b) the side covered in hives, which when reading between the lines also says “I am diseased!”


Yep, I decided he probably had a big piss up too. And yep, I got the job, and the payrise I asked for along with it.

Itchy and Scratchy

January 27, 2009

The photography teacher’s daughter once again made herself useful as a model at my class on Sunday afternoon.I don’t mind this shot, but still feel I won’t quite have enough really good ones to present – we are supposed to present 20 shots from the day to the class.


It was an itchy old day – on Saturday I woke up covered in hives. I have yet to work out what I am allergic to, but it must be something. No amount of antihistamine seems to be able to reduce the hives, so it’s been an itchy and scratchy weekend and I am covered in red welts. I have a meeting in half an hour to discuss salary and T&C’s for the new job that I might be getting. I have hives even on my EYELIDS so it it should be a very interesting discussion. Since yesterday was Australia Day, I must look like I spent yesterday afternoon drinking beers and bundies over a BBQ. Oh, hang on, I did.

Needs More Practise

January 22, 2009

Last night I started a photography course – I have a pretty reasonable digital SLR camera, and only a slight clue on how to use it, so I decided it was time to learn how to use the thing properly.

Hopefully I will be able to remember all the details – my mind is swirling with aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field, etc et al. We didn’t leave the classroom so it was not particularly inspiring.  Although the focus was on theory last night more than the actual doing, if this was my best shot from the night, I think I need more practise! (Also it kinda makes me feel like Maccas.)


I’m looking forward to the next session on the weekend, where we head into The Rocks for some hands on shooting.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

January 20, 2009

About 5 minutes ago, I was sitting at my desk, when I suddenly heard the roar of a waterfall. It sounded close. There are no waterfalls nearby that I am aware of, although I guess the Tank Stream is underground nearby somewhere. No waterfalls surely could have suddenly sprouted in my office? Oh, yes, one had. Some poor unfortunate soul was sitting at her desk, minding her own business, when suddenly a rush of water poured all over her, her laptop, her phone, in fact a whole lot of electrical equipment. Oh, and did I mention all over her?

They aren’t sure what it is yet. Possibly something to do with an air conditioner. Let’s just say that from the smell, although not raw sewerage, it definitely was not a fresh water pipe. I sure hope they send that girl home soon. She smells funny.

Air Heads

January 15, 2009

As I stood on the packed train this morning, lamenting the lack of seats for my weary body (weary after playing a good hour of tennis last night – part 1 in my attempt to lose the silly season’s excesses, which seem to have settled around my middle), I gazed into space and soon found myself listening in to the conversation taking place beside me. The three middle aged ladies sitting near me seemed to have all the world’s problems sorted out, although I somehow doubted whether their ideas would work. Here’s a sample:

The train we were sitting on should have airbags, just in case it hit another train. On reflection, it appeared that cars don’t need any airbags at all, for if only those young people would stop talking on their mobile phones while driving there’d be no accidents. One bright spark had the brilliant idea that perhaps instead of airbags they could put in some kind of special telephone in every car that didn’t need a handset. One of the three old biddies tentatively suggested that there were hands free kits available and bluetooth technology, but was quickly scoffed at by the other two. Just as I was about to suggest to the lady being scoffed at that perhaps she was smarter than the rest, she had the brilliant idea of airbags on planes. Still being scoffed at, one said “Oh, but dear, if a plane falls from the sky you’d die anyway, why would an airbag help?” She explained that she didn’t mean an airbag for each seat, oh no. An airbag that opens underneath the plane, allowing it to gently float along the water or ground when it landed unexpectedly.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

January 14, 2009

The Good:

What a fantastic trip to Adelaide, even if it was over 41C (106F) yesterday. It’s all good, the boyfriend’s sister has a pool. We started our trip with a few days hanging out with The Boyfriend’s sister and her family. Their little 7 year old girl was particularly taken with me. Although it did seem a little like the spanish inquisition when I was asked in the space of a few minutes about whether I had been married before, why I wasn’t now, was I going to marry her Uncle and how many children we thought we might have. Yikes. Then she followed me to the bathroom, waiting outside the door until I’d done what I went there to do. That’s about when I knew I had a new fan.

The Barossa trip we had on Sunday was lots of fun. We left the kids in a box in the garage (of course we didn’t really, we farmed them out for the day) and hit the wineries. By the end of the day my sides hurt from laughing and the best tasting drink of the day was the cold beer at the end to wash away the winey taste.

Boyfriend and I headed off to McLaren Vale on Monday morning. We found ourselves to be all wined out, so we spent the afternoon sitting in a big double spa at the very luxurious B&B we were staying in for the night. The bed was THE most comfortable I have ever slept in. It was so good that I took a picture of the label, so I can go and buy one of those matteresses myself. If you’re ever after a nice place to stay in McLaren Vale? Head over here. The spa suite rocks.

The Bad:

An email in my inbox on my return to work this morning from my ex. Sending me the link to his latest favourite song. (The ex and I split in Feb last year, we don’t have any bad words to say to or about each other, he still lives in my house and I pay all his bills which does annoy me somewhat, but as we had not had an intimate relationship for 6 years I sadly said goodbye and have since moved on, very unexpectedly happy at last. Still, feelings of guilt make me feel bad on the odd occasion because I am so happy now and he… well, he isn’t, yet.) So that’s why I was listening earlier today to Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – The Love I Lost. I read the lyrics for a minute or two before quickly shutting the browser window, since tears at my desk at work are not so cool. I’m sure it’s understandable why – these lyrics are a real kick in the guts!

I can remember planning
Building my whole world around you
And I can remember hoping
That you and I could make it on through
But something went wrong
We loved each other
We just couldn’t get along
Take a good look at me
I’m in misery, can’t you see

The love I lost (the love, the love I lost)
Was a sweet love (it was a sweet love)
The love I lost (the love, the love I lost)
Was complete love (it was complete love)
The love I lost (the love I lost)
I will never (never) no no never
(Never) love again ooh

I can’t remember nothing, no no
But the good times we used to share
I’m so sad and lonely
Without you my life is so dead
I’m sorry to say
You go your way and I’ll go my way
It hurts deep inside
The day we said goodbye, but

The love I lost (the love, the love I lost)
Was a sweet love (it was a sweet love)
The love I lost (the love, the love I lost)
Was complete love (it was complete love)
The love I lost ooh ooh
I will never (never) no no never
(Never) love again (I’ll never love again)
I will never (never) no no never
(Never) love again ooh ooh ooh ooh
I will never (never) no no never
(Never) love again

The love, the love I lost, ooh
The love, the love I lost

The Ugly:

Can’t think of any ugly. That’s I suppose another thing that should be listed as The Good.

On Leave

January 7, 2009

In 10 minutes I’m on holidays. I’ll be back mid next week with tales of the very strange city of Adelaide. The state of South Australia seems to be mainly famous for serial killers, mass murderers, and generally being a place of weirdos. On a positive note, the Barossa Valley right nearby is one of the best wine regions in the world…

Bragging is a Bad Idea

January 6, 2009

Never publish a post bragging about your superior luck, with many days off and free kegs of beer. For it will surely be your downfall. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s why I fell off the side of my shoe yesterday, landing awkwardly in the middle of the (thankfully quiet) road. A group of tradesmen were sitting nearby. I was certain one of them would come to help. But oh, no – they did a slow handclap instead. Nice fellas. I hope they all get a raging dose of crabs.

After picking myself up and getting into the car, I realised my foot hurt a bit. OK, more than a bit. I’m not sure what I’ve done, but it hurts like buggery even after icing it for hours last night and having it bandaged up. The bruise on my other leg covers most of my knee too. (How does that happen without ripping a hole in your pants?)

The best part about it has been explaining to people how I hurt my foot. So far, one person thinks I was swinging on a chandelier, one thinks I rescued a boy who had fallen down a well and was injured in the process, and another thinks I was helping the lion tamers at the circus and a lion took a bite out of my foot. Also on the bright side, it’s a great excuse to wear thongs* to work!

*The Aussie definition of thongs applies here. You might know them as flip flops. Here, those shoes are called thongs. I was walking past a pub one day with a visitor from the US and they noticed the sign in the window of the bar which said “Neat casual dress. No singlets. No thongs.” and they looked really puzzled before turning to me to ask “But how would they know?”

New Year

January 5, 2009

NYE went off without too many, or possibly even any, hitches. I got all the food prepared on time, which surprised even me, and got the keg set up so that when the first visitor arrived we were sitting back, relaxing with our first drink and looking like it had all been totally effortless.The keg lasted all night, with around 4 schooners left in it the next morning. By 1/4 to 5 when there were still 3 people left, we stopped being so polite and told them to go home so we could go to bed.

One guest, the ex publican, arrived with an extra keg. I’m not sure if I should be proud or checking myself into AA, but we finished that off by the end of the long weekend too. It became a bit like a drop in zone for 4 days, so it’s not like the boyfriend and I managed it solo. In fact, one morning we were woken before 9 by a knocking on the door. One of the boyfriend’s mates, wanting to come over and play. I was all for kicking him out right there, having applied antiseptic to his scraped knee after he’d fallen over in our yard the day before from being a tad too lubricated, but the boyfriend chatted to him for an hour or so before he got the hint and left. The rest of the time we must have served up heaps of cheeses, dips, pate, bickies, etc et al.

I chatted to the boss today about my experiences while he was away – he laughed when I told him I knew why he’d been cranky in the past because I sure went home a bit stressed and cranky every night while he was gone. This was all part of a warm up routine – he gave me Thursday & Friday off this week and Monday & Tuesday next week.

Woo! 6 day Holiday!

And in totally bizarre news? I’m feeding the old publican’s cat for the next week (small price to pay for a free keg, I figure). He lives over The Local. So guess who has a key to The Local!!!*

*Of course, I would never use it for evil, but I like the thought that I have it 🙂