The old year is drawing to a close. Tonight a dozen or so friends are coming over for a BBQ at the boyfriend’s house. He did get a little pissed off when I told him I bought a keg, he was frightened hordes of strangers would crash the party. But hey, what else can you abuse your relationship with The Local for if not to have them bring a keg to you, give you free gas, set the whole shebang up for you, then a select few of them even come over later to help you drink it  (like the old publican, the one we like heaps more than the evil new publican. Although new publican isn’t so evil since he wheeled a keg of beer up the street and brought free gas and ice to the door).

I’m at work. I seem to have forgotten that I had to work when I assured the boyfriend I could easily whip up salads and nibblies for 12 people. (HOW? HOW DID I THINK THIS? I AM AT WORK!) Somehow, between 4:30pm this afternoon when I get home (yep, am abusing my newfound powers and letting everyone go home at 3:30 today) and 6:30pm I need to make spinach dip, cheese platters, a particularly yummy special recipe potato salad, a pesto pasta salad, a garden salad, and probably a million other things. I suppose at least I didn’t plan on cooking satay skewers, chops and snags should be easy enough to sort out.

Countdown to New Year? It’s already started here, but it’s the countdown to 3:30pm! 25 minutes to go, and counting.

Have a fun NYE!


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5 Responses to “NYE”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I can only imagine you are having a lovely party right this minute. Enjoy and best wishes for a wonderful new year!

  2. Little Miss Moi Says:


    Coles. Deli. Counter.

  3. magneto bold too Says:

    Hope you had a wonderful time and weren’t too tired from all the salading to enjoy it!

  4. EGE Says:

    Hope it went smashingly!

  5. 12ontheinside Says:

    It went smashingly – got all food prepped and all organised before the guests arrived. I couldn’t believe it myself.

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