How I Turned Into a Cow

I’m hating being in charge at work. It’s just not my style to reprimand people for having a long lunch, or sneaking out early to do a spot of shopping – I’d rather be with them! However, this past 2 weeks has seen me turn into a bit of a cow. I can suddenly see why the boss is often so cranky. Adding to the absolute misery is the fact that anything that could possibly go wrong, has done so. We’ve had more major issues in a week than we had all last month, and even though they were all things outside of my control, it is reflecting poorly on me.

2 more days of this to get through, today and tomorrow, then I have 4 days to loll around sipping cocktails by the pool. OK, I don’t have a pool, and I’d rather have a beer, but I figure I’ll put a little paper umbrella in my beer and it’ll be almost the same thing.



3 Responses to “How I Turned Into a Cow”

  1. mark Says:

    Being the authority is never fun. I raise my drink to you and your four day weekend.

  2. EGE Says:

    Happy New Year! Screw responsibility!

  3. 12ontheinside Says:

    After the party I went to last night, responsibility sucks. Actually it already did, I am just waiting for the panadol to kick in today…

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