Sense and Nonsense


The boss went on 2 weeks holidays on Friday. Guess who got left in charge of the department? Yours truly! I’m sure it’s because I am the only one left in the department with the word ‘manager’ in their title. The shit has hit the fan every day since (we’re on day 2 now and I’ve had 4 serious issues to deal with and a skeleton staff to fix them. What The?)


We were disappointed to get no feedback from our pokies poster swap on Wednesday. I was at The Local on Sunday night. The publican was talking to 2 other licensees from the group. The incident was brought up. We were sitting 3 metres away listening to the conversation. Hillarious. The posters got photographed and sent in to head office. The publican has vowed to bar anyone involved if he finds out. One of the other licensees said “Are you kidding mate? I’d buy them a beer! Frigging hillarious!” Apparently they had no idea the switch had only occurred that night so didn’t even bother checking security tapes. Also the publican suspected a staff member may have done it. Of course, me laughing about it made one of the bar managers wander over and let me know she knew it was us. I smiled and said I would never tell who did it if I even knew. But she knows. That kind of makes it worth the risk – credit for a job well done.


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2 Responses to “Sense and Nonsense”

  1. travelling, but not in love Says:

    I love it when people get pissed off like that at practical jokes. Too cool!

    And being almost caught makes it all the better. Ooh, the frisson of excitement.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I’m so glad you got to witness their reactions – that makes it even better!

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