Silly Season

The Local pub recently stole our beer garden to make a smoking pokie area. (Yes, of course we punters own it, not the pub owner or the evil publican. They will come and go, everyone knows the locals really own The Local.) So now we have nowhere to sit out in the sun (or rain) and drink beer and watch footy or whatever the current season’s sport is.

As a bit of revenge and also for a bit of fun, a couple of us decided to help out with some of the in house advertising that is held in little plastic holders off the side of each poker machine. One of the more common inserts in these holders is an orange and yellow sign that had a picture of a beer, with “THIRSTY? STAY SEATED! Our friendly attendants will be with you shortly”.

On Wednesday evening this week, most of the inserts held posters looking very very similar to that one, but they were slightly different. Some had a picture of a toilet with the text “BUSTING? STAY SEATED! Our friendly attendants will be with you shortly”. The rest had a picture of a smiling man’s face with “HORNY? STAY SEATED! Our friendly attendants will be with you shortly”.

At the end of our evening when still no staff had noticed the changes? We just left. Yesterday afternoon the boyfriend dropped in for a quick beer, and reported that all the signs were gone. No idea as yet if they knew it was us. If they watched the surveillance footage it will not be too hard to work out! Tonight is The Local’s Christmas party. I wonder if we will be welcome (although, really, how long can one get barred for a little practical joke like that when someone I know only got a month for weeing on the window (from the outside) when he got cut off).

I blame the silly season.


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4 Responses to “Silly Season”

  1. mark Says:

    That one’s brilliant. Nice work.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    This is why I like you. This is the kind of thing I would think of but never actually do. I hope you had a great time!

  3. 12ontheinside Says:

    I did. It made my week when I finally found out the pub;lican’s reaction a few days later.

  4. travelling, but not in love Says:

    This is very funny. And very classy. Which is kind of the opposite of how the local sounds. Lord, a pub that does service at the pokies? I can only begin to imagine.

    I bet they don’t do a woo-woo.

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