In the last week I have either been drinking way too much right before bed, or had too many blankets on and overheated. Or I suppose I may be going slightly mad.

The other night I dreamt someone injected manure into my foot. I do not recall the reason, but it did seem to make perfect sense at the time as to why they were doing it. I do remember I was rather annoyed at the mystery manure injector. I think they got the manure off the garden. (Of course they did, that makes perfect sense.)

I was really pissed off with my brother when I woke up another morning, because in my dream he had bought me a dozen iced doughnuts, and 6 of them were strawberry and 4 were pineapple. He only got 1 chocolate and 1 caramel. Everyone knows the chocolate and caramel iced doughnuts are the nicest flavour of iced doughnuts, why would he get so many strawberry and pineapple??? I think it was about 4 hours before I didn’t feel annoyed with him any more.

I need to start a dream diary, there were others just as wierd or even wierder, but they slip away so quickly in the morning that if you don’t actually think about them clearly, they’re gone forever. I have heard that dreams are your subconcious brain working though things while you sleep. I’m not sure why I need to work through manure injections.



3 Responses to “Dreaming”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    It is weird how they flavor your day, isn’t it?

  2. 12ontheinside Says:

    Jenn, it’s just a shame for my brother that it wasn’t more chocolate and caramel flavoured, or I wouldn’t have been so annoyed with him all day.

  3. Nekked Lizard Lady Says:

    Manure injections… hmmm. Followed your link here from Swampy. What is it about poop these days.

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