Weekends are Too Short!

Blech. Heading back to work on Mondays is always a bit dreary. Normally I can distract myself with work, but the workload this week? Let’s just say I am even bored of web surfing, and it’s only Monday lunchtime. In my regular catch-up meeting with the Boss-Man a little while ago, I even heard myself saying words I never thought I’d say. “I don’t have much to do. Is there anything extra you need someone to look after?” I’ve checked, and I’m not running a fever. I suspect the Boss-Man doesn’t want to give me anything too in depth at the moment, as he still suspects the long-running saga of the interview will end in success. I suspect it will drag on for ages yet, so it could be a week or two of boredom yet.

The weekend was better that this working gig, even though it was way too short and I’m hard pressed to come up with anything much I actually did. I did cook a BBQ for the boyfriend’s parents for Saturday lunch, which probably makes up for the hours wasted at the local, bitching about the new publican we do not like. The old publican still lives in the apartment over the local, and is swarmed with barflies regulars begging him to return every time he comes home from work and wanders through the bar. The meat cooked was even more tasty as it was won at a meat raffle at the old publican’s new hotel, which the boyfriend and I visited to catch up with our old (preferred model of a) publican last week.

In unrelated news, I am totally hooked on the TV show Six Feet Under, and spent the rest of my weekend hours (this one just gone and the one before it) steadily getting through the box set. Almost finished Season 2 now. Wish I could leave work right now to watch the next episode! Plans for after work tonight though don’t include more DVD watching – they include bottling the home brew that the boyfriend made last week. I hope it’s better than the cider I made last time, which tasted like poison. Actually I suspect it was poisonous.

Wow, I’m even boring myself to sleep here. Off to find a place to nap…


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4 Responses to “Weekends are Too Short!”

  1. goodbadandugly2 Says:

    I feel the same…….

  2. travelling, but not in love Says:

    Home brew is ALWAYS poisonous. But it is an integral part of the Australian dream. That and barbecues. And a pub with a landlord that you hate….

    jeez girl, you’re really living the dream down there….

  3. mark Says:

    I will think of you and your boyfriend as bootleggers, as that seems like a fun, adventurous sort of lifestyle to go with your home brewing. Hope the rest of your week is more exciting.

  4. 12ontheinside Says:

    tbnil: Hmm. Apart from the landlord I hate I think I am. But home brew is not always poisonous – only when I make it.
    Mark: Umm. I will try not to let the pressure get to me!

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