Why I am Shaking in my Boots Today

This afternoon I have a job interview. It might sound odd to hear that my boss is aware of the interview – in fact is one of my referees – but it’s an internal job; a promotion, if I am indeed successful, and he in fact recommended I go for the position. (I didn’t want it at first and am still not sure, but the more I think about it the more I realise I really do want it now, which, while a very long running and poorly constructed sentence, does much to make me understand why I am starting to feel very nervous.)

The boss has two very distinct personalities. One side of him is evil and tough and mean. The other is kind of funny. When he started his reign of terror here, everyone (including me) was more than a little scared, and most of the team quickly toed the line or got managed out. I was fed up with all the bullshit, and decided to just keep my approach of having as much fun as you can while still getting the job done. Some twelve months later he seems to be used to my somewhat odd sense of humour, and at times I wonder if I am influencing him to be more silly himself. Sometimes I think he is frustrated that my approach seems to work for people – he once said to me “You are so good with people! People seem to always do what you ask them to, and that is rare! But you have to learn to use your powers for good, not evil!”

Perhaps that is why he sent me a text message this morning saying “Good luck with the interview! Make sure you don’t pick your nose!”


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3 Responses to “Why I am Shaking in my Boots Today”

  1. nikki Says:

    Wait, you’re not supposed to pick your nose during interviews?

    (Good luck)

  2. At Least I DIdn’t Pick My Nose « 12 On The Inside Says:

    […] 12 On The Inside I only look like a grown up « Why I am Shaking in my Boots Today […]

  3. 12ontheinside Says:

    nikki – apparently not. Go figure!

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