Invasion of the Pig Rats

This morning as I laid in bed, knowing full well that I was already late for work and wondering what excuse to use today, there was a knock on the door. It was a courier. With a pig rat! EGE at The House and I has had an unhealthy obsession with pig rats for a while. I wanted one. Badly. But then, who wouldn’t! I may have made promises to swap for something else. (Honest, I will go and pick that book up for you this weekend. Maybe.) So she mailed it to me!

I was concerned when I saw that customs had indeed opened the package. However it appears that pig rats are not a threat to this fair country, for my pig rat was there, safe and sound, along with a book. (Excuse the poor photo quality, I was after all in bed at the time of the rat’s arrival, so the nearest camera was the camera on my CrackBerry, which is absolutely crap.)


(I wonder if it’s safe to eat?)



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