One Day I Will Go Too Far

My boss can be a bit scary. He also seems to have these little turns where he must check up on every single thing he has ever asked one specific person to do. Must have been my turn today, because he’s had me flat out.

My general reaction to his very odd moods is to be even sillier than usual (which is no mean feat). This used to drive him nuts but I think he’s gotten used to it – but I doubt anyone else would be game to push the envelope as much as I do. Which is why even though I know the boss is in ‘a mood’, I just sent him an email saying “It feels like pic on me day today. If you don’t stop it right now, I’m going to come and take away your email system!”



3 Responses to “One Day I Will Go Too Far”

  1. mark Says:

    If he has any sense of humor he ought to reply with “oh noes! not the email!”

  2. Sally Lomax Says:

    He must like you, which is why you can get away with it! Good for you.

  3. Jeanne / bermudabluez Says:

    Hi there & thanks for stopping by! I’m assuming you dropped by via WT. I had a boss like that one time and everyone kept telling me I was pushing him too far. But we just had that kind of relationship. He was really one of the best bosses I ever had!

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