A Fishy Tale

Tonight I’m having fish for dinner. Not terribly unusual – it is Friday, after all. What is unusual is that the publican of my local pub is cooking it for me and one of the other locals. He returned home recently from a fishing trip way up in northern Australia, and was able to freight home his catch. And so tonight when I head to the pub after work, one of the boys I know from the pub is bringing a potato salad, I am bringing a garden salad, and the publican is preparing a huge BBQ’d coral trout for us. It seemed perfectly normal when catching up over a quiet ale last night for him to offer to cook dinner for us. On reflection, I guess it is a little odd. However it just makes me laugh and say – I love my pub.



One Response to “A Fishy Tale”

  1. travelling, but not in love Says:

    sounds pretty good to me….

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