A while ago, I had to dial in to a work teleconference that was being hosted in the northern hemisphere – thus, of course, was at some unearthly hour of night I’d had a very long day and was not particularly interested in the subject of the meeting. After a while, listening to the conference while lying inbed, I fell asleep. I woke to hear the conference leader announcing we all had to dial out and back in due to the interference on the line. Once we dialled in again, everyone agreed that the line was much clearer, although it had seemed to clear up just before we’d all dialled off. At around the same time that I woke up. What can you learn from this? Over the phone, the noise of me snoring sounds JUST like static on the line…



2 Responses to “Interference”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    That is absolutely hilarious. I so wish I could have been on that call.

  2. travelling, but not in love Says:

    fantastic. At least you didn’t start to talk in your sleep….or call out your boss’ name in a moment of dream-induced ardour…..

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