I Thought I Felt Bad Before!

I thought I felt bad on Monday, when my back was aching and my muscles sore. I should have known it was just from lack of sleep due to having a little bit too much fun on Sunday night. But nooooo, I had to decide to get a massage from the guy who does them in the gym at work. Let’s clear that one up quickly – I am not a member of the gym. I would rather pluck my fingernails out with pliers than take an aerobic class. However, who’s not a fan of massages!

The gym dude warned me that he only did deep tissue massage, and that it would be quite hard. I assured him I loved a good hard massage. After all, this guy is only a short little pip squeak, how hard was it really going to be! Answer? REALLY REALLY HARD!

The massage was on Wednesday. I still can’t even roll over in bed. I leant back in my seat a second ago and winced in pain. I think I might go to someone different next time…



One Response to “I Thought I Felt Bad Before!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    There is something seriously wrong if your massage leaves you in more pain.

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